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Winnipeg Free Press - She stayed calm, survived: Woman saved after 4 hours in icy lake - 12/13/2011

HER boyfriend drowned in the crash, but a woman survived four hours in the frigid waters of Lake Winnipegosis by staying calm and staying put.

The National - Winnipeg Sports Glory - 11/25/2011

Russell Field discusses the banner year Winnipeg sports fans have enjoyed.

The Nature of Things - Myth or Science - 11/24/2011

Gordon Geisbrecht submerges a subject to in frigid water to discover whether we lose most of our body heat through our head.

When is a driver too old to be on the road? - 11/06/2011

Drivers in Canada can be pulled off the road for being too fast or too slow. But what about the sensitive issue of being too old?

Over 25% of Manitobans obese - 11/02/2011

Danielle Bouchard, an assistant professor in the faculty of kinesiology and recreation management, said that finding ways to move and get up during the workday need to be promoted and studied.

Researchers study driving habits of senior citizens to aid doctors in assessments - 11/02/2011

Researchers from 10 universities, including the University of Manitoba, are studying the driving habits of senior citizens.

Youth soccer association on the right track - 02/19/2011

The Manitoba Youth Soccer Association has announced a task force that will be struck to examine the program's links to the Long Term Athlete Development Model.

Soccer set to be a score loser - 02/09/2011

Imagine Winnipeg soccer fields on which kids 12 and under don't play for trophies -- they develop skills and fitness and creativity while having fun.

Canada's Fitness Guidelines Changing - 01/05/2011

If you have new health goals for the new year, there are changes to the Canadian fitness guidelines you may want to know about. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

New Search Technique - 01/05/2011

Crews searching for the body of a 6 year old who fell under the ice in December lowered a pig carcass into the water in hopes that tracking its path may help in finding Nathaniel Thorassie's body. Lindsay Warner reports.

U.S. regulators warn about alcoholic energy drinks - 11/17/2010

High energy drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine are raising concerns in Canada and the U.S. The amount of caffeine in the drink has prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ban the drinks.

RMR: Rick and Dr. Popsicle - 09/29/2010

Rick learns how to survive being submerged underwater in a car with his old friend from the University of Manitoba, Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht.

Economy of scale - 09/15/2010

Obesity and smoking to cost province $4.7B, study says

Seeing Red over some Bull - 08/09/2010

Did energy drink flout Health Canada rules at Winnipeg grad party?

Professor Popsicle - Breakfast Television, CITY-TV - 03/21/2010

Evan Campbell visits Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht in his lab and learns the proper technique for getting out of a submerged vehicle.

Drivers slow to get message - 03/08/2010

Just Slow Down isn't just an advertising campaign -- it can reduce injuries and even save your life, a Winnipeg police officer says.

Athletes' funding up in the air - 02/27/2010

They've thrilled us and had us glued to our television sets for the past two weeks. But once the Vancouver Winter Olympics end this weekend, many of those athletes whose performances -- or mere presence at the Games -- gave us goosebumps face an uncertain funding future.

‘Arnie can’t carry torch’ - 02/12/2010

The carrying of the Olympic flame Friday by unapologetic ex-steroid user Arnold Schwarzenegger sums up the shaky ethics of the Games, says a University of Manitoba researcher.

Exploring the appeal of 'deviant' fight clubs - 02/01/2010

The recent news of a fight club operating at the University of Manitoba left some people baffled and bewildered, and others outraged and disgusted.

Professor Popsicle on the Rick Mercer Report - 01/07/2010

Season 3 of the Rick Mercer Report featured University of Manitoba cold water survival expert Gordon Giesbrecht AKA Professor Popsicle. The episode was aired November 22, 2005.