Candrive Study
This CIHR Team Grant project is an initiative of Candrive (, a national research team of health-care professionals (doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, etc.) dedicated to improving the safety and promoting the rights of safe older drivers. One site of this longitudinal study is here in Winnipeg at the Health, Leisure and Human Performance Research Institute of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. The other sites are in Victoria, Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa (lead site) and Montreal.

Involvement for subjects consists of one annual visit per year and contact at four and eight months at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus. The annual visit with the Candrive Research Coordinator involves answering questions about driving, performing paper and pencil tests, and undergoing a few physical assessments such as testing of your balance, flexibility, strength, vision and hearing.

In addition, all subjects have an in-vehicle recording device. Winnipeg is the lead site for examining the driving exposure and patterns of all subjects in Candrive as well as the partner study Ozcandrive (lead by Monash University Accident Research Centre

The objective of the Candrive research is to optimize independence by keeping safe older drivers driving. If you would like more information, please contact the Michelle Porter at (204) 474-8795 or