Thesis Information

Students in the FKRM graduate program are required to complete a thesis as part of their degree requirement. Depending on the type of research and/or the area of study, the written format of your thesis may vary (e.g., several published articles). The selected format must be approved by your advisor and meet the Thesis Guidelines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

The below information explains some of the terms and processes, and provides some direction in the thesis development process. Please read through carefully.

The Thesis Examining Committee

The Thesis Examining Committee will consist of a minimum of 3 persons: the advisor (or co-advisors if applicable), at least one other member of the graduate faculty of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, and at least one member from outside the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. (The external member must be an individual that the Advisor and Graduate Program Chair deem qualified for the assignment, is external to the Department, and is willing to serve.) It is the Graduate Program Chair’s responsibility to indicate to the Faculty of Graduate Studies the title of the student’s thesis and the names of the Thesis Examining Committee members, on the “Thesis Title and Examiners” form at the time the committee is formed.


Thesis Proposal

As a graduate student in this Faculty, you are required to prepare a written thesis proposal to be submitted to the Thesis Examining Committee. It must follow these guidelines:

  1. You prepare the written thesis proposal in consultation with your advisor and other members of the examining committee.
  2. Your advisor will give tentative approval of the final proposal for presentation to the Thesis Examining Committee.
  3. At least two weeks prior to the date of your oral presentation, all members of the Thesis Examining Committee, plus the Graduate Program Chair, must receive a copy of the final draft of the proposal.
  4. At least one week prior to the date, all members of the Committee must agree that your proposal is satisfactory for oral presentation. Your proposal should be in its final form - well written and completely free of typographical and other errors. A “Scheduling of Oral Presentation” form must be signed by all members of the Examining Committee and returned to the Graduate Program Office.
  5. The date for the proposal is set with the Graduate Program Office, who distributes notice of the oral presentation to all graduate faculty and students in the department.
  6. You must provide an abstract of your proposal to the Graduate Program Office no later than one week before your oral presentation, for review by any interested graduate faculty and students.


Oral Presentation of Your Thesis Proposal

  1. The Graduate Program Chair (or his/her designate), will chair the thesis proposal.
  2. All members of the Thesis Examining Committee must be present at the oral presentation, unless specifically and previously arranged with the Graduate Program Chair.
  3. You will then make a presentation of your thesis proposal to the Thesis Examining Committee (usually a 20-30 minute presentation followed by a question period).
  4. Following the oral proposal, you must submit a proposal for ethics approval before proceeding with the collection of data. Your advisor directs your collection and analysis of data and the writing of your thesis to ensure your research is progressing as planned. Any major changes in the actual conduct of your research should be implemented only after consultation with all members of your Thesis Examining Committee.

Tip: Attending other student’s thesis proposals counts towards fulfillment of your Research Seminar Series attendance. Announcements of upcoming thesis proposals are emailed to FKRM graduate students. You can also find out about upcoming thesis proposals by checking the FKRM Graduate Studies homepage.


Thesis Defense

Note: The brochure Thesis/Practicum Information and Guidelines is highly recommended for review prior to writing your thesis.

For the final examination of your written thesis you will need to do the following:

  1. Submit the final draft of your thesis to all members of your Thesis Examining Committee at least three weeks prior to your examination date (at the time of distribution to the examining committee, one copy must also be given to the FKRM Graduate Program Chair).
  2. Submit an abstract of your thesis to the Graduate Program Office.
  3. No later than one week prior to the proposed examination date, all members of the Examining Committee must indicate that they have read the thesis and that they are prepared to proceed to an oral defense by signing and returning the “Scheduling of Oral Presentation” form to the Graduate Program Chair (or designate).
  4. The FKRM Graduate Program office will distribute notice of your thesis defense to other faculty members and students.


Final Examination of Thesis

At the time of the thesis examination,

  1. The Graduate Program Chair (or his/her designate) will chair the defense
  2. All members of the Examining Committee must be in attendance
  3. You will give an oral presentation of no more than 30 minutes to the Thesis Examining Committee.
  4. Following your presentation, the Examining committee will determine if the thesis is acceptable (i.e. if you have passed or failed) according to the Academic Guide of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Tip: Attending other student’s thesis defenses can count towards fulfillment of your Research Seminar Series attendance requirement. Students will be emailed information about upcoming thesis defenses or you can check the News, Events & Announcements page on this web site.


The Final Manuscript (thesis)

  1. The final manuscript of your thesis must be prepared in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis Guidelines
  2. A completed thesis must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for examination by the date specified in the Academic Schedule of the current University of Manitoba General Calendar to ensure that the degree is conferred at the desired Convocation of that year.


Submitting Electronically

Following the approval of the thesis/practicum by the examining committee and the completion of any revisions required by that committee, the thesis, and where applicable, the practicum, must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies as follows:

The digital copy of the thesis/practicum is required for the University Library and remains the property of the University of Manitoba.

The digital version must be prepared in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis Guidelines.

The electronic version must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF), the conversion of which can be done at one of the Libraries' labs on campus. Students can request the Libraries to do the conversion at no charge.

To submit an Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) or learn more about ETDs visit the MSpace website.


Thesis Release Form

At the time you submit your thesis or dissertation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, you will be asked to sign an agreement with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) entitled Theses Non-Exclusive License.

What exactly is this license? It's an agreement between you, the thesis author, and Library and Archives Canada that gives the LAC permission to include your thesis in the Theses Canada program. This program makes theses available by a number of different methods to anyone wanting to access them. Because the license is non-exclusive you can pursue any other publishing venture that you wish. The license clearly indicates that you continue to own the copyright in your thesis. Further, you keep your moral rights, i.e. the rights you retain over the integrity of the work and the right to be named as its author even after sale or transfer of the copyright.

A Thesis Release Form is available at the Graduate Studies Office or here:


Thesis-Graduation Deadlines

Deadlines for graduands to submit their thesis for distribution to their committee members and for submission of final reports can be found at the following Faculty of Graduate Studies site:

There you will find:

  • The last date for students to distribute Masters’ Theses or Practica to their Examining Committee.
  • The last date for receipt by Graduate Studies of reports on Theses/Practica, comprehensive examinations, and project reports from students.

Note: Students who leave the distribution of their theses/practica until the deadline often have difficulty getting their work approved in time and have their convocation postponed to the subsequent graduation. For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to submit their theses/practica in advance of the dates noted.