Graduate Thesis Papers


Eskicioglu, P. The Impact of the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program on Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes in Children (Advisor: J. Halas, Co-Advisor: J. McGavock)


He, A. The Impact of Recent Policy Revisions Addressing Doping and Gender Rules on Women Track and Field Student-Athletes in China  Unpublished master’s thesis (Advisor: S. Teetzel)


Chhin, S.  Understanding the Cultural Relevance of Physical Education and Health from the Perspective of Female High School Graduates from Diverse Backgrounds Unpublished master’s thesis (Advisor: J. Halas, Co-Advisor: L. Petherick)


Rempel, M  Comparing the Effects of Three Exercise Intensities on the Prevention of Hypoglycemia in People with Type 1 Diabetes Unpublished master’s thesis (Advisor: D. Bouchard, Co-Advisor: J. McGavock)


Nelson, K. Friend, foe, or both? A retrospective exploration of sibling relationships in elite youth sport  Unpublished master’s thesis (Advisor: L. Strachan)


Zheng, R. A comparison of constrained and unconstrained reaching movements by people with and without Autism Unpublished master’s thesis (Advisor: C. Glazebrook)


Slaght, J. (2015) Walking Cadence in Inactive Older Adults: A Novel Strategy to Increase Time Spent at the Intensity Suggested by the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines  Unpublished master’s thesis (Advisor: D. Bouchard)


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