Joyce Fromson Pool


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420 University Crescent


Weekdays: 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m.
Annual Pool Closure: The Joyce Fromson Pool will be shut down starting August 24 until September 13 for annual maintenance.

The Joyce Fromson pool is a six-lane saltwater swimming pool complete with diving area. The pool and pool programs cater to our campus communities including students, staff, faculty and alumni in addition to serving the general public.

Pool Location and Access

The Joyce Fromson Pool is located just east of and connected to the Frank Kennedy Centre at the Fort Garry Campus. Access to the pool deck and pool viewing area is available through the Frank Kennedy Centre only. The Joyce Fromson Pool is accessible for people with disabilities. Our customer service staff is available and can assist individuals requiring access to the pool deck lift.

Change Facilities

Change, shower and rest facilities are located in the Frank Kennedy Centre and include both men’s and ladies locker rooms in addition to our Community Change Room. The Community Change Room has been designed for everyone. It contains space that is accessible and enclosed for changing, showering and using the rest facilities. It provides privacy and safety for anyone including:

  • Parents with children that require assistance, regardless of age or gender
  • Individuals with accessibility needs or those accompanied by a caregiver
  • Faculty or staff who are not comfortable sharing a locker room with students
  • Individuals who are not comfortable sharing a locker space or changing in front of others.
  • In order to respect privacy, we require that persons be dressed when in the public space of the Community Change Room.

Pool Temperatures

Please note that the temperature of the pool is 28ºC. This pool is a training centre for high performance athletes and therefore it must be maintained at this temperature.

Pool Closures

In the event of an unplanned pool closure, a credit will be placed on the computer file of the swimming lesson participants affected. The credit amount will be for the missed class only and can be used for any Active Living program for one year. Where possible, every effort will be made to notify parents/participants of the closure.