Ulla Liljegren

Coordinator of Fitness and Lifestyle Services

Ulla is a fitness professional from the University of Manitoba Recreation Services, where she is the Coordinator of Fitness and Lifestyle Services. She has been in this field of work for the past 20 years. Ulla is accredited through Manitoba Fitness Council holding specialties in Exercise to Music, Resistance Training, Aquafitness, Older Adult, Arthritis and Yoga. She is a Fitness Leader, Evaluator of Fitness Leaders, as well as a Certified Fitness Consultant. Ulla is also a graduate from the University of Manitoba with degrees in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Recreation Studies.

Ulla shares her passion and fun for physical activity as a presenter, leader and a consultant. She has extensive knowledge in fitness testing of all levels and all ages. She has held many positions within the fitness industry and recreation community and has also been honored with a nomination of Women of Distinction in a category of Fitness and Active Living. Ulla enjoys being active herself by playing squash, ringette, snowboarding, cross country skiing, biking and soccer as well as coaching. She believes in living life actively and her motivation is to inspire everyone to do the same, and make your own health the first priority.

Phone Number: 204-474-6476

E-mail: ulla.liljegren@umanitoba.ca

Ulla Liljegren