Mandy Johnson

Director of Membership Services

I work with amazing people, and every day we do our best to serve and engage our members, customers and visitors. I work directly with the Customer Service Supervisor; Membership Coordinator; Coordinator of Fitness Testing & Conditioning; and Coordinator of Membership & Customer Service—Joe Doupe. However, I know that every single person that works with us here reaches our members, customers and visitors in some way.

I feel like my best self when I am active and working hard to challenge myself physically and mentally. Most of these challenges find me while at the rink with my teammates. My hockey equipment still gets used year round and merely putting it on keeps a smile on my face. Some other challenges also find me on the volleyball court, both indoor and outdoor, on my yoga mat, in the gym, or running in the great outdoors.

I know that being active and healthy means different things to everyone and that Active Living for Life! encompasses all of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional experiences in our lives. Everyone’s path is different, but it is important to me that each person finds their best self and a way to live their life with laughter, energy and vitality.

“The size of your body is of little account; the size of your brain is of much account; but the size of your heart is of the most account of all.” –B.C. Forbes

Phone Number: 204-474-8755