Start a New Club

Are you passionate about a particular sport or recreational activity?

Are you a University of Manitoba student with the enthusiasm and drive to be a leader?

A Rec Club is group of individuals who are organized to further their interests, participate, compete and share in a particular sport or recreational activity. A club is voluntarily organized and run by a student executive. Clubs are primarily open to students but staff, alumni and community members may participate on a limited basis.

Potential club organizers should consider the following “minimum criteria” before submitting a proposal:

  • Are there suitable facilities (within the Athletic Facilities) available for the proposed sport of activity to take place?
  • Availability of competitive opportunities (where applicable)
  • Duplication considerations( i.e similar type of Club exists or does Recreation Services offer a similar program?)
  • What is the demographic of those interested in participating in the club and will it meet the required student member needs? Keep in mind that clubs are primary for University of Manitoba students so proposed clubs should be first and foremost student focused.
  • Will the Rec Club membership base be sustainable into the future or is this activity a short-lived trend?

How to start a new Rec Club

  1. Thoroughly review the Rec Club Program Operation Manual. Your proposed Club must have a minimum # of preliminary participants dependent on the type of Club activity. For example, a team sport club requires a minimum of 15-20 preliminary participants and a club that is focused on an individual activity requires a minimum of 10-15 preliminary participants. You must provide names of all interested individuals in the New Club Proposal Form
  2. Minimum of 15 interested individuals with the required minimum student participation rate according to the classification of club. Ensure that all interested individuals are added to the Proposed Roster Form (PDF).
  3. Create a proposal as to why the Club should be stated and an outline of the program it intends to offer, including a mutual benefit plan (New Club Proposal Form PDF)
  4. Submit the completed New Club Proposal Form to the Coordinator of Intramurals & Clubs for review. The Coordinator of Intramurals and Clubs will decide if there is sufficient interest in the potential new club and if the program is well suited to be offered through Recreation Services.
  5. If the New Club plan is accepted then the student organizers will need to create a Constitution, and complete the necessary forms (New Club Start-up Form, Risk Management Assessment, Emergency Action Plan, Proposed Budget, and Proposed Activity Plan). The Coordinator of Intramurals and Clubs will provide the forms and any assistance necessary to complete them.
  6. The Director of Active Living and the Director of Programs for Recreation Services will approve or deny club status (may also request further clarification or additional information)

For more information on getting started, please contact Kyla Ray or phone 204.474-7077.

Wait! We already have a number of potential clubs in the works. To see if the club you want to start is already in progress of becoming a Rec Club please see the list below and contact the Coordinator of Intramurals and Clubs to join the cause!

  • There are currently no potential clubs in the works!