Meet Our Staff

Position: Student Supervisors

Education: Supervisors are students currently completing their bachelor degrees in a variety of Faculties and disciplines. Although not a requirement, many of the successful applicants are currently in or have aspirations to be in the Faculty of Education. We welcome students from all Universities.

Experience & General Role:
Our Aquatic Supervisors are both leaders for the staff at our Joyce Fromson Pool as well as Lifeguards. They work part-time all year round to ensure our Aquatic programs run successfully. They also provide administrative assistance to the Aquatic Coordinator. You can most often find them Supervising lessons on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sundays.

All other student Supervisors are full time employees from May until August to assist Program Coordinators in providing leadership and administrative support to the programs. They oversee the overall success of our summer programs and staff. They often share with children that their role is to make sure that everyone who comes to the programs are safe and having fun. Each year they are trained by Program Coordinators and the Director in areas such as: leadership development, child behavior management, customer service, emergency response, staff performance management, curriculum and lesson plan development and many more team building topics related to communication & time management.

Supervisors guide our student Leaders and First Aide staff by overseeing lesson plans, employee orientation and day-to-day activities of the programs. They also provide customer service to parents/guardians regarding their child’s experience at camp.

Favorite Camp Activity: Food Fat Attack, Swimming, Soccer, Archery, Billy Ball to name a few.

Favorite Sports / Activities: Track and field, baseball, ultimate, hockey, running and many more.

Favorite Mini U Moment: Helping children learn from their experiences and have fun while at our programs.