Meet Our Staff

Position: Lifeguards

Please speak with Aquatic Supervisors or our Aquatic Program Coordinators if you would like to get in contact with your our Lifeguard staff.

Education: Lifeguards are students currently completing their bachelor degrees in a variety of Facilities and in some cases graduating High School. All lifeguards have successfully completed their National Lifeguarding Service Certification, Lifesaving Instructor Course as well as the I Can Swim Instructor Course.

Experience & General Role:
Our student Lifeguards are selected for their leadership skills, maturity, passion for working with children, commitment and experience with physical activity, and previous experience lifeguarding and working with children. They frequently join our programs with experience: lifeguarding in indoor/outdoor pools, waterparks and beach settings, participating and leading swimming lessons and programs and a variety of experiences working with children.

Each year they are trained by the Director, Program Coordinators and Student Supervisors in areas such as: leadership development, pedagogy (teaching), customer service, emergency response, diversity, inclusion, and special needs and lesson plan development.

Lifeguards provide direct supervision to our Joyce Fromson Pool to operational hours. They also teach swimming lessons during the evenings and weekends to young children, youth and adults. They are there to ensure each swimmers experience is safe, positive and enjoyable. They promote safety, leadership, fair play, diversity, inclusive activities as well as active and healthy lifestyle to all.

Favorite Pool Activities: Playing on Nelson, diving, water polo, inner tube basketball and more.