Meet Our Staff

Position: First Aid

Please speak with Risk Management Supervisor or our Aquatic Program Coordinator if you would like to get in contact with your our First Aid staff.

Education: First Aid staff are students currently completing their bachelor degrees in the Athletic Therapy degree program within the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. They are typically in their 3 or 4th year of the 4 year degree program.

Experience & General Role:
Our First Aid staff are hired during the summer months to provide emergency and first aid care to children and youth in the Mini U Programs. These students are selected for their experience within the athletic therapy program and other sports teams in the community, maturity and passion for working with children. They frequently join our programs with experience as athletic trainers for local sports teams (AAA hockey, Bison Football, etc.).

Each year they are trained by the Director, Program Coordinators and Student Supervisors in areas such as: emergency response, communication, diversity and special needs.
First Aid staff provide immediate response to any first aid, child illness and emergency situation during the summer day programs. With the Risk Management Supervisor they also track all injuries occurring with the programs and evaluate common trends to avoid future injuries within the programs.

Favorite Camp Activities: Playing in the spelunker (cave diving simulator) and bouncer.