Meet Our Staff

Position: Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service desks in Frank Kennedy Centre and Max Bell
FKC: 204-474-6100 / MBC: 204-474-8634

Our full-time Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) have formal training and/or education in a related discipline such as recreation management, business, community services & communication from a recognized institution.

Part-time CSR’s are full-time students completing their Bachelor or Graduate degrees from a variety of Faculties. We welcome students from all Universities.

Experience & General Role:
Our CSR’s are selected for their outstanding customer service, computing, and problem-solving skills. CSR’s are the front line of service when it comes to the administrative tasks of Mini U programs. They handle registrations (including programs, Lunch Bunches, bussing, waitlists, withdrawals and transfers), assist in online transactions, answer questions and provide general Mini U information, provide recommendations for programs, and direct concerns to the appropriate coordinators. Additionally, they conduct facility inspections, do data entry and filing, facilitate phone calls for program changes and information, and are the first point of contact for much of the customer service related to Mini U.

The CSR’s are trained by the Customer Service Supervisor and Evening Coordinator, as well as Mini U Program Coordinators. They are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR level C.

Favorite Camp Activities: Dodgeball, archery, Kinect-4, and many more.

Favorite Sports: Hockey, team handball, volleyball, and soccer, just to name a few.