Leadership Development Mini U University of Manitoba

Unlock your leadership potential

We are passionate about the leadership abilities of the children and youth in our community. Led by our student staff with proven leadership experiences, our wide range of program options include leadership learning outcomes and activities.

  1. Programs: Our leadership-specific programming inspires children to engage their peers and encourage them to discover physical activity. Select a program to drive their leadership experience forward.
  2. Curriculum: Leadership learning outcomes are a part of everything we do. Every program. Every lesson. Every day. Our staff will connect a child’s interests to leadership opportunities. We encourage young people to share what they love about movement and play in leadership settings
  3. Leadership Cards: Every young person can lead. Our job is to help them realize it. By sharing these leadership cards, our staff helps children identify their skills and abilities.
  4. Leadership LOGs: Created by our staff, these low organized games (LOGS) are designed to open up a child’s leadership potential through communication, problem-solving, teamwork and relationship-building. Here, they’ll learn from their experiences and succeed.

I saw kids encouraging each other, rooting for each other, and celebrating accomplishments with each other. I saw leaders that encouraged, tried to instill confidence, coach them about proper technique and above all to have fun with sport and activity. The leaders were enthusiastic! – Mini U Parent