Senior Programs

FALL/WINTER 2017/2018

Advanced Climbing Skills (Ages 10-15)                   

Advanced Climbing Skills is designed to help climbers with experience on the wall continue to develop their skills. The focus of this program will be on intermediate to advanced techniques while teaching you what it takes to train for a competition. Participants will be encouraged to set longer term goals for themselves and be taught strategies for achieving these goals. All members of the climbing team will receive 10 passes for open climb time ($75 value!)  Parental supervision is required during open climb times.                            

Prerequisite: Wall Climbing - Fundamentals/Skills Advancement OR equivalent                   
CODE    DAY           DATE                     TIME         # of CLASSES    PRICE
TBD    Saturday    Sept 23-Dec 9     11:00am-12:30pm       10                     $285   (no class Oct 7 & Nov 11)
TBD    Saturday    Jan 13 - Mar 24  11:00am-12:30pm       10                      $285  (no class Feb 17)

Judo (Ages 10-16)                   

You will acquire basic and/or advanced judo techniques (throws and mat work) according to your placement in the class.  Physical fitness, respectful behaviour, safety and enjoyment of the sport of judo are top priorities.  Program advisor is Moe Oye, 8th degree black belt and Level 4 certified coach.                            

CODE    DAY                DATE            TIME      # CLASSES    PRICE
TBD      Friday    Sept 29-April 27   7:15-8:30pm         27                 $203    (no classes Oct 6 & Feb 23)

Junior Herd Track & Field (Ages 8-12)                   

Step into the blocks and sprint to the finish in this fun track and field program.  Our track and field coaches will lead the way during the program, designed to develop skills and explore the events of track and field.  You will learn new skills such as running, jumping and throwing in an active and games oriented              environment.  A mock track and field meet will be held at the end of the 10 week program for you to put your skills to the test.                    
CODE    DAY                           DATE      TIME           # of CLASSES    PRICE
24384    Wednesday    Jan 11-Mar 22    6:45-8:00pm                 10             $116   (No class Feb 22)

Karate (Ages 7-16)                   

Traditional Shito Ryu Karate-Do is the classical art of weaponless self-defense; it literally translates as "the method of the empty hands." Traditional Karate-Do uses mental focus and discipline to develop physical skills such as speed, strength and ability.  Some of the many benefits of Karate include an increase in your level of fitness, stress reduction, increased self-confidence and self-defense skills.                            

This program is part of the renowned "Karate Kidz" program developed and instructed by Manitoba Provincial Karate team coach Angelo Mendoza, 6th Dan, and chief instructor of Bushido-Kai Canada Martial Arts.                    

Course price includes a $35 Karate Manitoba membership fee to be paid once in the Fall session. New participants in the Winter session will be required to pay the membership at that time.                
CODE    DAY             DATE               TIME            # CLASSES    PRICE
TBD    Saturday    Sept 23-Dec 9    11:00-11:50am            10               *$132   (no class Oct 7 & Nov 11)
TBD    Saturday    Jan 13-Mar 24    11:00-11:50am            10               *$132   (no class Feb 17)  

Racquetballers 2 (Ages 11-15)                   

This program is offered in cooperation with Racquetball Manitoba.  A qualified Leader will cover the basic grip, stroke, court positioning and rules.  Time will also be spent preparing for tournament play. Participants will receive a membership to Racquetball Manitoba.                    
CODE    DAY                    DATE             TIME          # of CLASSES    PRICE
TBD    Wednesday    Sept 27-Nov 29    7:00-8:00pm           10                     $72
TBD    Wednesday    Jan 10-Mar 21      7:00-8:00pm           10                     $72  (No class Feb 21)

Wall Climbing - Fundamentals / Skills Advancement (Ages 10-15)                   

You will learn about the fundamentals of wall climbing such as safety, rope work, communication skills and belaying.  Come out and have fun learning as certified leaders teach you to climb to new heights.                            

CODE    DAY              DATE             TIME      # of CLASSES    PRICE
TBD    Saturday    Sept 23-Dec 9      9:30-11:00am      10                      $224    (no class Oct 7 & Nov 11)
TBD    Saturday    Jan 13-Mar 24     9:30-11:00am      10                      $224    (no class Feb 17)