Swim Patrol

Ages 8 - 12 years

Ready to swim hard? This is a three-level award progression that delivers “work hard/play hard” training for skilled swimmers Swim Patrol levels from a Pre-Bronze progression of enriched training for young swimmers ready to go beyond the I Can Swim program. Participants will be introduced to basic lifesaving methods and first aid, as well as challenged in swim stroke development. Swim Patrol is designed to be challenging, but achievable with effort.                                                                                             

Participants should feel comfortable in deep water and should have achieved all ICS Stage 2 skills or equivalency prior to registration for Swim Patrol.                          

Code Day Date Time # of Classes Price
Fall Session     
7088 Monday Sept 24-Dec 10 (Oct 8 & Nov 12) 6:30 10 $142.00
7042 Saturday Sept 22-Dec 1 (Oct 13) 10:30 10 $142.00
Winter Session     
7228 Monday Jan 7-Mar 18 (Feb 18) 6:30 10 $142.00
7181 Saturday Jan 11-Mar 22 (Feb 22) 10:30 10 $142.00