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Staff Message

Welcome to the Mini U Programs at the University of Manitoba. The following information is designed to help you know more about our programs and what to expect from your experience. It will ensure your time with us is enjoyable and easy. We look forward to seeing you!



Your receipt will confirm the details of your purchase. Our customer service staff are available at 204-474-6100 should you have any questions or require any changes to your registration. 



Fall & Winter Program Information

Before Your First Day
Parking on Campus
Participants are encouraged to park in either the ‘ALC’ lot (enter off Dafoe Road), ‘U’ lot near the University of Manitoba Welcome Centre or ‘I’ lot near Investors Group Ahtletic Centre & the Max Bell Centre. Parking in these lots is free after 4:30pm Monday to Friday and on weekends.  Please pay careful attention to the signage in these lots as there are some spaces that are reserved 24 hours for staff parking only.
Investors Group Field event days may impact your ability to access campus on days of your selected program.  Please visit for up to date information regarding access to the Fort Garry campus and program conflicts.
PDF and interactive maps are available at
During Your Program
Accessing Facilitates
By pass a line up at the customer service desks with your ‘Program Access Card’!  Present this card to the Customer Service Representatives and enter through the program entrance gate (glass door by the men’s change Room).  Each family will be provided with two access cards on the first day of your program.
Entry for program classes is available 30 minutes before the start of your class. Access to facilities is limited to attending your designated program ONLY and is NOT TO BE USED to for any other personal activity. Abuse of our program access policy may result in removal from the registered program without refund.
To enter the secured areas of the Frank Kennedy/Active Living Centre for programs, please enter at the turnstiles by the Customer Service Desk.

We want all children to have fun at Mini U.  Unfortunately, some children’s behavior negatively affects others.   Our staff are wonderful at encouraging positive behavior.  We encourage you to have discussions with our Group Leaders and Supervisors regarding any comments or concerns related to behavior in your group.  If a child is asked to leave the camp, it will only be after we have contacted the child’s parents/guardians.  Program fees will not be refunded.
Parental Involvement & Pictures/Video
We appreciate the desire to take pictures/video of your child during programs however in order to ensure the privacy of each child, we do not allow any recordings to be taken during program time.  Our staff will notify you when you are able to take photos of your child.
Aquatic Program Information
I Can Swim 

The I Can Swim program is somewhat unique in its delivery. One of the most unique features is the lack of a defined level system as you might see in other programs. The benefit to this system is children are not attempting to pass a level comprised of many skills. Instead, they are each working toward achieving all of the 54 skills at their own rate and are awarded these skills as they achieve them. If you are a returning customer then when you register your child for the ICS program our online computer system will automatically group your child with other children of similar ability. If you are a new customer to our program then your child will be grouped with others based on their age.  The head lifeguards will then evaluate all swimmers on the first, second and possibly third swimming lessons and may move swimmers to a more appropriate class. We call these moves ‘switches’, and they are based on swimmers current abilities, not on the physical location in the pool. We do our best to make sure everyone is in the right class as soon as possible to ensure everyone is being challenged and enjoying their lesson. If for some reason you are concerned about your child being in the right class, please feel free to speak to the head guard.
To keep track of your child’s progress throughout the program report cards will be handed out to all ICS participants twice throughout the session. Should your child achieve skills during the session these skills will be listed on the final report card. Should you wish to keep track of these achievements we have skill tracker posters and stickers available for purchase at the Active Living Centre Customer Service Desk at a cost of $4.00. If you have any questions about a particular skill please feel free to speak to one of the head guards.
How To Find Your Class 

When you arrive at the pool for your first lesson, and have changed and are ready for lessons, please find your child’s name on the class lists. These are located on the wall in the viewing gallery, next to the door of the community change room. Once you know the name of your teacher please locate their name on the walls circling the pool deck and have your child stand under their name, the teacher will meet you there. If you don’t see your child’s name on the list please approach one of the head guards to help you find the correct class.

*Note: Tot and Adult classes are the exception to this.
·         If your child is registered for any of our Tots classes the instructor will meet you by the small yellow slide near the windows.
·         If you are registered for an Adult program the instructor will meet you near the blue benches (near the entrance to the change rooms).


* If you feel lost when you arrive please just ask one of us for help!

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross/ National Lifeguard Award

On the first day of these courses please meet your instructor in the pool classroom (room 212). You will find it right outside the main entrance to the viewing area of the pool.  Just a reminder: you will need a Canadian Lifesaving Manual as well as a barrier device, gloves and a whistle. These are all available for purchase at the Customer Service Desk of the Active Living Centre.
Pool Temperature

Our pool is used as a training tank for our Manitoba Bison athletes and is therefore a little on the chilly side so that our athletes don’t get over heated. For this reason, if your child is smaller, they may benefit from wearing a rash guard, swim top or wetsuit during lessons. They can be purchased at many of the following locations: Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, Swimming Matters, Sportsman Marine & Ski, or online. When buying wetsuits, remember that tighter is better as it will trap more heat.
Pool Closures

In the event of an unplanned pool closure, our staff will make every attempt to call all parents/guardians to notify every one of the closure. Swimming participants will receive a credit on your family account. Credits for the missed class are valid for one year from the date it is applied and can be used for any future business with Active Living.
If you are a smart phone user please feel free to download the recreation services app. If you allow this app to send you push notifications you will receive a notification that way as well when there is a pool closure.
Fire Evacuation

In the unlikely event of a fire alarm all parents will be asked to evacuate the pool area through the viewing area and into the Active Living Centre lobby (should it be safe to do so). All swimmers will be kept on the deck and supervised by their swimming teacher and will only be evacuated should it be necessary to do so.

General Information
Refunds and Transfers
Full refunds will be issued if we cancel a program or day course prior to the start date of the program.  If a program is cancelled after the start date, the registrant will receive a pro-rated credit.  The credit can be used to register for any other program and is valid for one year from date of issue.  Credits can be transferred among immediate family members.

If a registrant withdraws from a program 10 or more days before the start date they may receive a refund less a $15 plus GST processing fee.  We do not issue cheque refunds of $10 or less. Credits are issued instead and are valid for one year from date of issue. Credits can be transferred among immediate family members.

If a registrant withdraws from a program less than 10 days before the start date they may receive a credit for the value of the program less a $15 plus GST processing fee.  The credit can be used to register for any other program and is valid for one year from date of issue.  Credits can be transferred among immediate family members.

After the start date of the program, a prorated credit minus a $15 plus GST processing fee will be issued only when a registrant presents a valid medical certificate at the time of withdrawal.  The credit can be used to register for any other program and is valid for one year from the date of issue.  Credits can be transferred among immediate family members.

No refunds will be issued when a registrant has been asked to leave a program.

Transfer Policy
Transfer requests received 10 or more days prior to a program start date will be granted provided there is space in the program. Transfer requests received less than 10 days before the start date will be granted provided there is space in the program and are subject to a $15 plus GST processing fee.

The ‘Mini’ Print
The University of Manitoba is fully responsible for the supervision of your child during the times he/she is signed in with one of our staff.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items while on campus.  We do not allow children to share food while attending our programs.  Parents/guardians that would like to recognize birthday celebrations are welcome to do so with items other than food or treats.  Individuals with cameras/video cameras in our facilities may be asked by our staff to show the pictures/videos taken. There is no free parking on campus during the day.  Should you receive a parking ticket in any other lot or at a time other than those designated on the parking pass, you are responsible for paying the fine.  Questions or comments regarding parking at the University of Manitoba can be directed to the Parking Office 474-9483.