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We need your help in helping connect with alumni from the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management. As a Class Leader, you will play an important role in communicating with your classmates to promote Faculty reunions, events and priorities.

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What are our graduates doing? You may be interested in finding out what types of jobs our graduates get. Well, to give you an idea, we went and interviewed some of our grads – both recent and not so recent. In some cases we asked them the same questions, which are available here in a question and answer format. In others, the graduates provided their own story. We did this in order to give you a cross section of experiences, to exemplify any similar threads in their answers and any differences, too. With other Alumni profiles you’ll see more of a kind of story.

Overall, we wanted our alumni to share their general experiences as students in their respective degree programs, and to explain how their studies at the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management has helped them get where they are today professionally. We hope their thoughts will provide you with valuable insights in order to help you choose the best degree program and career path for you.

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