Fenton, PhD
photo of fenton

Assistant Professor
123 Frank Kennedy Centre
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2

Research Interests

Dr Fenton’s research interests are grounded in recreation for social inclusion and wellbeing. For example, in one project Dr Fenton explored the benefits of nature based recreation. More recently Dr Fenton has used participatory action research methods to cultivate understandings on how to create welcoming and inclusive recreation environments for individuals with mental illness. Dr Fenton has also recently undertaken a project using gender play and drag performance with LGBTQ youth to explore gender, in particular, gender identity and gender expression.

PhD - Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
M.A. - Adventure Education with a specialization in Experiential Education, Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona
B.A. - Physical Education and Outdoor Education, with Distinction, Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta, Camrose, AB

Courses Taught

  • PERS 1400: Concepts of Recreation and Leisure
  • REC 4070: Community Development and the Leisure Service Delivery System
  • PHED 7160: Qualitative Methods and Research Design

Select Publications

Fenton, L., K. Gallant. (In press). Integrated experiential education: definitions and a conceptual model. Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


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Fenton, L., White, C., Gallant, K., Hutchinson, S., Gilbert, R., Hamilton-Hinch, B. & H. Lauckner. (2016). The Benefits of Recreation for the Recovery and Social Inclusion of Individuals with Mental Illness: An Integrative Review. Leisure Sciences. 1-19.


Fenton, L., & Walker, G. (2016). Development of the ‘Psychologically Deep Experiences (PDE) in Nature’ Scale. Leisure/Loisir. 40(1), 101-129.


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