Faculty and Staff
Dr. Douglas Brown
Dean; Associate Professor douglas.brown@umanitoba.ca
  104 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Todd Duhamel 204-474-8922
Associate Professor; Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies)
Director, HLHP Research Institute

208 Active Living Centre

Karen Martindale
Executive Assistant to the Dean karen.martindale@umanitoba.ca
  104 Frank Kennedy Centre
Brandi Smith 204-474-9213
Business Manager brandi.smith@umanitoba.ca
  109 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Sarah Teetzel (on leave)
Associate Professor; Associate Dean
(Undergraduate Education)
112 Frank Kennedy Centre
Anjum Carriere
Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean (Academic) anjum.carriere@umanitoba.ca
  111 Frank Kennedy
Dr. Chantal Bassett 204-290-7302
Research Facilitator chantal.bassett@umanitoba.ca
  121C Frank Kennedy/258 Agriculture Bldg
Jackie Elliott 204-474-9143
Director, Athletic Therapy jacqueline.elliott@umanitoba.ca
  114 Frank Kennedy Centre
Karin Nowak-Bailey 204-474-9277
Undergraduate Program Administrator karin.nowak-bailey@umanitoba.ca
106 Frank Kennedy Centre
Patti Dickieson 204-474-9748
Undergraduate Program Academic Advisor patti.dickieson@umanitoba.ca
  102 Frank Kennedy Centre
Tracey Clifton-Hanslip 204-474-9749
Financial Assistant tracey.clifton-hanslip@umanitoba.ca
  102 Frank Kennedy Centre
Linda Eliuk 204-474-7076
Financial Assistant linda.eliuk@umanitoba.ca
  102 Frank Kennedy Centre
Shirleen Olazo  
Financial Assistant Shirleen.olazo@umanitoba.ca
  102 Frank Kennedy Centre
Glenda Kramer 204-474-9747
Office Assistant glenda.kramer@umanitoba.ca
  102 Frank Kennedy Centre
Jody Bohonos
Graduate Program Coordinator  jody.bohonos@umanitoba.ca
   203 Active Living Centre
Garrick Kozier
Communications Officer garrick.kozier@umanitoba.ca
  124A Frank Kennedy
Alex Edye-Mazowita 204-474-7858
Lab Coorindator edyemazo@umanitoba.ca
  Applied Research Centre


Dr. Phillip Gardiner 204-977-5622
Professor Emeritus phillip.gardiner@umanitoba.ca
Ken Bentley 204-474-6003
Instructor ken.bentley@umanitoba.ca
  318 Max Bell Centre/133 Investors Group Athletic Centre
Claude Berube 204-474-8989
Instructor claude.berube@umanitoba.ca
  206 Max Bell Centre
Dr. Douglas Brown
Dean; Associate Professor douglas.brown@umanitoba.ca
  104 Frank Kennedy Centre
Vlastimil Cerny 204-474-6497
Instructor vlastimil.cerny@umanitoba.ca
  320 Max Bell Centre
Dr. Stephen Cornish  204-474-9981
Assistant Professor stephen.cornish@umanitoba.ca
  111 Frank Kennedy Centre
Brian Dobie 204-474-9627
Instructor brian.dobie@umanitoba.ca
  319 Max Bell Centre/Investors Group Field B074C
Dr. Todd Duhamel
Associate Professor & Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies) todd.duhamel@umanitoba.ca
  208 Active Living Centre
Jackie Elliott 204-474-9143
Athletic Therapy Director jacqueline.elliott@umanitoba.ca
  114 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Fenton
Assistant Professor fentonl@umanitoba.ca
  123 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Russell Field 204-474-8312
Associate Professor russell.field@umanitoba.ca
  118 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht 204-474-8646
Professor gordon.giesbrecht@umanitoba.ca
  108 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Cheryl Glazebrook 204-474-8773
Associate Professor cheryl.glazebrook@umanitoba.ca
  115 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Joannie Halas 204-474-6061
Professor joannie.halas@umanitoba.ca
212 Active Living Centre
Michele Sung
Instructor Michele.Hynes@umanitoba.ca
  135 IGAC
Kelsey Johansen
Instructor kelsey.johansen@umanitoba.ca
  120 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. jay johnson 204-474-8996
Associate Professor jay.johnson@umanitoba
  113 Frank Kennedy Centre
Vanessa Martinez Lagunas 204-881-1089
Instructor lagunas@umanitoba.ca
  306 Max Bell Centre
Dr. Heather McRae 204-782-9583
Community Scholar for Indigenous Achievement heather.mcrae@umanitoba.ca
  121B Frank Kennedy
Dr. Steven Passmore
Assistant Professor steven.passmore@umanitoba.ca
  115 Frank Kennedy Centre
Stan Pierre 204-474-6421
Instructor stan.pierre@umanitoba.ca
  Investors Group Field B074B
Garth Pischke 204-474-9159
Instructor garth.pischke@umanitoba.ca
  309 Max Bell Centre/119 Investors Group Athletic Centre
Colleen Plumton 204-474-8636
Instructor and Fieldwork Program Coordinator colleen.plumton@umanitoba.ca
  110 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Michelle Porter 204-474-8795
Professor michelle.porter@umanitoba.ca
  338 Isbister Bldg.
Dr. Elizabeth Ready 204-474-8641
Professor elizabeth.ready@umanitoba.ca
  312 Max Bell Centre
Jon Rempel 204-474-7274
Instructor jon.rempel@umanitoba.ca
  109A Max Bell Centre
Dr. Brian Rice 204-474-9565
Associate Professor brian.rice@umanitoba.ca
  212E Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Trisha Scribbans
Assistant Professor trisha.scribbans@umanitoba.ca
  122 Frank Kennedy Centre
Kirby Schepp 204-474- 8464
Instructor kirby.schepp@umanitoba.ca
  118 Investors Group Athletic Centre
Dr. Jonathan Singer 204-474-8469
Assistant Professor jonathan.singer@umanitoba.ca
  179 Extended Education
Michael Sirant 204-474-8632
Instructor michael.sirant@umanitoba.ca
  100 Max Bell Centre
Dr. Leisha Strachan 204-474-8378
Associate Professor leisha.strachan@umanitoba.ca
  119 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Shaelyn Strachan 204-474-6363
Associate Professor shaelyn.strachan@umanitoba.ca
  179 Extended Education
Dr. Sarah Teetzel 204-474-8762
Associate Dean (Undergraduate); Associate Professor sarah.teetzel@umanitoba.ca
112 Frank Kennedy Centre
Dr. Christine Van Winkle 204-474-8647
Associate Professor christine.vanwinkle@umanitoba.ca
  313 Max Bell Centre