Todd Duhamel PHD

t duhamel

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

Research Areas

  • Exercise physiology
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Physical activity
  • Diabetes
  • Biomedical science
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Health promotion
  • Primary prevention
  • Integrated knowledge translation (iKT);
  • Primary care
  • Health systems


Graduate Level Courses

  • Current Research in Physical Activity, Health and Leisure: Physical Aspects (PERS 7004)
  • Research in Kinesiology and Recreation Studies (PERS 7080)
    1. Cardiac Science and Exercise Physiology
    2. Cardiac Rehabiliation Research
    3. Exercise Biology
  • Advanced Training in Basic and Clinical Research Topics in Medicine (Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine University of Manitoba & St Boniface Hospital)

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • Advanced Exercise Physiology (KIN 4470)
  • Advanced Pathology and Sport Medicine (KIN 4160)
  • Supervised Fieldwork placements (PERS 4630)
  • Undergraduate Directed Studies (PERS 4600) 


Selected Publications

Articles Published in Refereed Journals

  1. Serano F, Slaght J, Senechal M, Duhamel TA, and Bouchard DR. Identification and Prediction of the Walking Cadence Required to Reach Moderate Intensity in Older Adults. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. Manuscript ID JAPA.2015-0262. Accepted. July 25, 2016. In press.
  2. Costa EC, Dantas TCB, de Farias Júnior LF, Frazão DT, Moreira SR, Ritti-Dias, RM, Prestes J, Tibana RA, and Duhamel TA. Inter- and intra-individual analysis of post-exercise hypotension following a single bout of high-intensity interval exercise and continuous exercise: A pilot study. International Journal of Sports Medicine. Manuscript ID: IJSM-03-2016-5575-tt.R2. Accepted. In press.
  3. Norman ME, Petherick L, Garcia E, Glazebrook C, Giesbrecht G and Duhamel TA. Examining the More-Than-Built-Environments of a Northern Manitoban Community: Reconceptualizing Rural Indigenous Mobilities. Journal of Rural Studies 42. 166-178. 2015. DOI information: 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2015.09.008.
  4. McGavock J, Hay J, Wittmeier K, MacIntosh A, Duhamel TA, Sellers E, Dean H, Ready E, Berard L, Kriellaars D, Gardiner P, Wicklow B. Physical Activity Intensity and Diabetes Risk in Overweight Youth: The POWER Trial. Accepted. International Journal of Obesity. Paper #: 2014IJO02247. In press.
  5. Wicklow B, Wittmeier K, Jong GW, McGavock J, Robert M, Duhamel TA, and Dolinsky VW. Safety and Efficacy of Resveratrol for the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Associated Insulin Resistance in Overweight and Obese Adolescents: Rationale and Protocol. Accepted. Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Manuscript ID: bcb-2014-0136. In press. Biochem Cell Biol. 2015 Jul 10:1-9.

Invited Commentaries Published in Refereed Journals

  • Czubryt M, Wigle J, Duhamel T, Singal P. Preface to: Scientific Basis for Heart Health and Care (Winnipeg Heart International Conference). Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2012 Aug;90(8):v. Epub 2012.
  • Duhamel TA. Viewpoint: Fatigue mechanisms determining exercise performance: integrative physiology is systems physiology. J Appl Physiol. 104(5):1544. 2008.

Published Reports

  • Duhamel TA, McDonald G, Garcia E, Chapman C, Kehler DS, Petheric L, Norman TM, Buchanan P, Glazebrook C, Gysel A, Brown K, Giesbrecht G, Dunn N. AFTER THE SCHOOL BELL RINGS: A Manitoba After School Recreation Project. 1-258. 2013. Accessed on September 23, 2013. Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
  • Buchanan P, Norman M, Petherick L, Duhamel TA. Getting Girls Active: Examining the Physically Active Recreation Experiences of Ethno-Racially Diverse Girls. Boys and Girls Club Canada - City of Winnipeg. Funding Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC 6269-07-2010/1092046. Manuals. Date Submitted June 30, 2012.

Published Book Chapters              

  • Hamm NC, Stammers AN, Susser SE, Hlynsky M, Kimber DE, Kehler DS, and Duhamel TA. Regulation of Cardiac Sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum calcium-ATPases (SERCA2a) in Response to Exercise. In:  "Regulation of Ca2+-ATPases,V-ATPases and F-ATPases" Ed. Sajal Chakraborti & Naranjan S Dhalla. Published by Springer. November 2015.
  • Kehler DS, Dhalla NS and Duhamel TA. Biochemical Mechanisms of Exercise-Induced Angiogenesis. In: Biochemical Basis and Therapeutic Implications of Angiogenesis (pp. 181-206). Ed. By JL Mehta and NS Dhalla, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, New York. 2013.
  • Duhamel TA and Dhalla NS. Molecular Mechanisms of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Blockade in Congestive Heart Failure.  In: Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Sciences, Ed. by S.S. Agrawal, DIPfSAR, Govt. of NCT Delhi, New Delhi, 1-41. 2008.

Knowledge Translation Publications

  • Duhamel T. (2013). 100 Steps a Minute. Reh-fit Center. Accessed on June 18, 2013. Winnipeg, MB. Canada.
  • Kent D,  Kehler DS, and Duhamel T. (2013). A prescription for exercise? Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Inspire:News and information for staff working for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Accessed on June 25, 2013. Winnipeg, MB. Canada.
  • Kent D,  Kehler DS, Prowse S, and Duhamel T. (2013). Are you physically active enough? Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. WAVE (Winnipeg's health and wellness magazine) Published on August 27, 2013. Winnipeg, MB. Canada. Accessed on September 23, 2013. Winnipeg, MB. Canada.





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