Chantal Bassett PHOTO

Research Facilitator

Research Facilitation Services

  • Providing mentoring and assistance to researchers in the development of applications and proposals. Supported programs:
    • Tri-Council granting agencies,
    • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI),
    • Canada Research Chairs (CRC), and
    • Other interdisciplinary team grants and partnership programs
  • Consultation on research objectives and fit with funding opportunities, partnerships, existing infrastructure and strategic research plans
  • Reviewing proposals and offering recommendations from the perspective of a non-expert reviewer
    • Ensure that research focus and tone are suited to requests for proposals
    • Ensure that revised applications address any previous reviewer's comments
    • Ensure that the research concepts are clearly presented, that their merit is highlighted and that themethodology, outcomes and impacts are well defined
  • Assisting with knowledge translation, award nominations and research(er) recognition
  • Acting as a liaison between individuals, teams, office of VPRIO, office of research services, funding agencies, other institutions and industry and non-profit partners
  • Hosting workshops on funding programs and developing successful research proposals


Chantal graduated with distinction from the Department of Human Nutritional Sciences and received a PhD in Physiology from the University of Manitoba. Her graduate and post-doctoral research at the Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine at the St. Boniface research campus focused on the effects of dietary flaxseed and trans fatty acids on atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease in basic and clinical models. She has held fellowships from NSERC, CIHR, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Manitoba Health Research Council.


Get In Touch

FKRM office: 121C Frank Kennedy Centre (Tuesdays, Fridays)
FAFS office: 258 Agriculture Building (Mondays, Thursdays)
Dr. Bassett's Office: 204-290-7302

Researchers are encouraged to contact Dr. Bassett to discuss their upcoming proposals or for questions concerning grant preparation and submission procedures, mentoring and assistance in the development of grant and award applications.