Marion Alexander, PhD
Professor, B.P.E. Program
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
306 Max Bell Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2
Phone: (204) 474-8642
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  • PhD (Biomechanics) - University of Alberta
  • Masters in Science Physical Education (Kinesiology) - University of Washington
  • Bachelor of Physical Education - University of British Columbia

Research Interests:

Dr. Marion Alexander is a professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, and a Research Associate in the Health, Leisure and Human Performance Research Institute in the Faculty.

Dr. Alexander teaches the undergraduate courses in Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, and an advanced course in Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise. She is also the Director of the Biomechanics, Sport and Human Performance Laboratory and the Head of the Sport and Human Performance Research Group.

She holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of British Columbia (being a native of Victoria, B.C.), A Master of Science in Physical Education from the University of Washington specializing in Kinesiology, and a PhD. from the University of Alberta specializing in Biomechanics.

Her research interests focus primarily on sport biomechanics, or the analysis of athletes using filming techniques and computerized analysis programs. The Sport Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Manitoba is one of the top labs in the country for the analysis of elite athletes using Sport Biomechanics techniques. Much of the analysis work in the lab is being conducted using a program called Dartfish, which is the top program currently used for biomechanical analysis of athletes.

Major National athlete projects over the past few years (2004-2006) include: detailed analysis of the 4 throwing events for Athletics Canada; analysis of 6 softball skills for Softball Canada; analysis of skills for the men’s National volleyball team; analysis of water polo skills for water polo Canada; and analysis of elite divers for Diving Canada. The lab is also very active in the analysis of elite provincial athletes, including the 2005 Canada Summer games softball team, volleyball team, basketball team, field hockey team and the throwers for the track team. Finally, the lab has been very active in 2005 in the biomechanical analysis of University of Manitoba athletes, including the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams, the men’s and women’s basketball teams, and the women’s volleyball team.

The graduate program in Sport Biomechanics is one of the busiest in the Faculty, with 3 students completing the program in June, 2005; and 3 new students being accepted into the program in September 2005 and January 2006.

Dr. Alexander is also active in NCCP Coach certification, being an active theory course conductor for Levels I-III, a Manitoba Master Course Conductor as well as a Level IV-V Biomechanics course instructor.

Graduate Student Theses in Biomechanics Completed in the Sport Biomechanics Lab, 2005:

Honish, Adrian. A Biomechanical comparison of the indoor and outdoor volleyball spike approach and takeoff, Unpublished MSc thesis, 2005.

Turcotte, Kyle. Effects of acceleration on resultant joint moment during constant and variable resistance exercise. Unpublished MSc thesis, 2005.

Way, Dana. Traditional Arctic Sports: A biomechanical of the one foot and two foot high kick. Unpublished MSc thesis, 2005.

Recent Publications:

Shephard, R.J., Alexander, M.J.L., et al., editors. Year Book of Sports Medicine, 2001-2005 editions, St. Louis, C.V. Mosby Company, 2000-2005.

M.J.L. Alexander, J.E. Butcher, P.B. MacDonald. Effect of a water exercise program on walking gait, flexibility, strength, self-reported disability, and other psycho-social measures of older individuals with arthritis, Physiotherapy Canada, 203-211, Summer 2001.

Gillespie, W., Alexander, M.J.L., MacDonald, P.B. Comparison of golf kinematics between normal golfers and those with rotator cuff injury. Abstract published in Sport Med '01, Sport Medicine Section of the Ontario Medical Association, January, 2001.

Alexander, M.J.L., Butcher, J.E., MacDonald, P.B. Physical performance and psychological well-being of arthritic subjects after a 12 week aquatic exercise program: compared to controls. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33, 5, S38, 2001.

Web-Based Publications:

Marion Alexander and Carolyn Taylor, The Technique of the Eggbeater Kick, web-based publication,

Marion Alexander, Adrian Honish, The Water Polo Shot, web-based publication,

Marion Alexander and Dana Way, Mechanics of the Free Throw in Basketball, web based publication,

Research Group Affiliation:

Full Member & Head - Sport & Human Performance Research Group
Associate Member - Health & Wellness Research Group

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sport Biomechanics: specialization in softball, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, table tennis, squash. Other sports analyzed in the past 3 years: track and field (high jump and throws), badminton, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming, karate.
  • Aging Biomechanics:
    • analysis of ADL related to aging and arthritis
    • effects of exercise on ADL in older persons with arthritis
  • NCCP Master Theory Course Conductor
  • NCCP Program Level IV-V Biomechanics Course Conductor
Dr. Marion Alexander