Marion Alexander, PhD
Senior Scholar
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
121D Frank Kennedy Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2


  • PhD (Biomechanics) - University of Alberta
  • Masters in Science Physical Education (Kinesiology) - University of Washington
  • Bachelor of Physical Education - University of British Columbia

Research Interests:

Dr. Marion Alexander is a senior scholar in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, and a Research Associate of the faculty's Health, Leisure and Human Performance Research Institute.

She holds a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of British Columbia (being a native of Victoria, B.C.), A Master of Science in Physical Education from the University of Washington specializing in Kinesiology, and a PhD. from the University of Alberta specializing in Biomechanics.

Her research interests focus primarily on sport biomechanics, or the analysis of athletes using filming techniques and computerized analysis programs. The Sport Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Manitoba is one of the top labs in the country for the analysis of elite athletes using Sport Biomechanics techniques. Much of the analysis work in the lab is being conducted using a program called Dartfish, which is the top program currently used for biomechanical analysis of athlete

Research Group Affiliation:

Full Member & Head - Sport & Human Performance Research Group
Associate Member - Health & Wellness Research Group

Areas of Expertise:

  • Sport Biomechanics: specialization in softball, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, table tennis, squash. Other sports analyzed in the past 3 years: track and field (high jump and throws), badminton, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming, karate.
  • Aging Biomechanics:
    • analysis of ADL related to aging and arthritis
    • effects of exercise on ADL in older persons with arthritis
  • NCCP Master Theory Course Conductor
  • NCCP Program Level IV-V Biomechanics Course Conductor
Dr. Marion Alexander