Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management 2020 Final Grade Options
With much focus being given on alternative grading options for students lately, students have been asking how and whether to exercise the grading options available this term. Here is a summary of the options to choose from for the recording of your winter 2020 grades, and details to clarify which will be best for you and your degree in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management.

Please see the important notifications about Final Grades from the Vice-Provost (Students). The Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management fully supports the final grade options announced by the Vice-Provost (Students) Laurie Schnarr in her memos to students.
If you have any questions about the available option, please reach out to the following people for advice prior to the May 10, 2020 deadline for selecting the final grade option(s):
For KRM Undergraduate Students:
Please contact our academic advisor, Patti.Dickieson@umanitoba.ca
B.Kin-Athletic Therapy students with questions about how choosing the Pass/Fail options may impact their ability to certify with the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA) should contact the BKin-AT Program Director, Jacquelline.Elliott@umanitoba.ca
For KRM Graduate Students:
Please contact Jody.Bohonos@umanitoba.ca. For graduate students interested in either of the two new grading options, it is to note the Faculty of Graduate Studies requires a specific form be completed. Please contact Jody Bohonos to request the grade option form.

Please carefully consider each of these options prior to making any grade declarations in um learn (starting April 20 through May 10, 2020):

This is the default grading approach. The grade applies to the term, cumulative and degree GPA calculations, as it has in past terms. Letter grades A+ through D will appear as they normally would have on your transcript and apply to the student record accordingly.

Note: If a final letter grade of “F” is assigned for any course that is completed in winter 2020, there is no action required by the student and it will automatically be assigned and appear on record as an “F *”.

“F*” will not apply to the term, cumulative and degree GPA calculations and will not effect a student’s academic assessment and progression this term.

The winter 2020 voluntary withdrawal deadline has been extended to May 10, 2020. Therefore, if you wish to drop the course by voluntary withdrawal (VW) (3 credit hour fall, or 6 credit hour spanned), you may do so without academic penalty or being subject to limited access in future terms. Students must consider if a voluntary withdrawal may affect full-time course load status and may wish to contact an academic advisor or the applicable offices as to not jeopardize any type of eligibility, study permits, funding, etc.

Accept the Letter Grade received but exclude it from all GPA calculations. Letter grade will appear on the student’s transcript with an asterisk (*) indicating that the student chose to exclude it from their term, cumulative, and degree GPA calculations due to timing and effects of COVID-19. The course may satisfy degree requirements, prerequisite requirements, and admission requirements (provided the minimum required grade necessary has been achieved).

Choose to have performance assessed as ‘Pass’. A ‘pass’ grade can only be chosen if the grade achieved was a grade of D or higher. In this scenario, “P*” will appear on the student record and only the credit hours are counted and it is not included the term, degree or cumulative GPA. Some programs may not permit the use of “P*” grades for the purposes of admission or degree progression. This option is not advisable for students who have received a grade better than “D” because the “P*” grade will function as a “D” grade in matters pertaining to prerequisites and degree requirements, therefore, any Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management required course will not be satisfied by a “P*” grade on record.