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If you have any questions which are of a technical nature concerning the interpretation of our admissions regulations or procedures, we suggest that you consult with an Admissions Officer at 204-474-8808 or admissions.pharmacy@umanitoba.ca, or visit the Admissions website.

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Out-of-Province Practicums

University of Manitoba students engaged in a field practicum as a required part of their program are generally covered for injuries sustained in the course of and arising out of the practicum. This is in accordance with and subject to the Workers Compensation Act of Manitoba.

However, coverage may not be extended if the the practicum takes place outside of Manitoba and the student is not a Manitoba resident.

Students in that situation may experience difficulties or be denied a placement because the university cannot guarantee that workers compensation coverage will be extended. Students should also be aware that the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba will not make advance rulings in these types of cases.

Alternative arrangements can sometimes be made to accommodate such practicums, but must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to contact the Structured Practical Experiential Program (SPEP) Coordinator at the earliest opportunity to determine if any such alternative arrangements are possible.

Last updated: August 9, 2017