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Structured Practical Experiential Program (SPEP)


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Lead by example - become a preceptor

Preceptors are skilled professionals with the insight and judgment only experience can bring. By mentoring students, you can share your hard-earned lessons from the field and give the next generation a head start on their way to careers as effective, caring health care professionals.

Requirements and expectations

Preceptors are expected to:

  • Be committed to working with students
  • Provide specified supervision standards
  • Provide on-going feedback to students
  • Complete mid-term and final evaluations
  • Pursue continued learning in the area of student education
  • Have an interest in teaching and mentoring
  • Have an enthusiasm for the profession
  • Be registered and hold the appropriate certification and have worked a minimum of one year in their profession

To become a preceptor, contact us at or complete the new preceptor form.



RxPreceptor is an online experiential learning management system which provides communication, accountability and tools for faculty, preceptors, and students. It houses all preceptor, site and student information, forms and resources, and allows for correspondence between the faculty, preceptors and students. All student performance assessments are administered through RXpreceptor.

For technical assistance or to reset your RxPreceptor password, contact us.


Preceptor resources

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Collaborative model

Preceptor education program (PEP)


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