Academic Staff
Dr. Ruby E. Grymonpre BSc(Pharm), PharmD, FCSHP

Geriatric Pharmacy

Program Overview

Appropriate use of medication is an important preventative as well as curative strategy in maintaining health. Optimal drug therapy in older adults is especially relevant since they consume more medications and they are at an increased risk of adverse drug effects compared to the general population. The problems associated with inappropriate medication use by older adults are complex but well recognized. As our population ages, medication misuse by older adults will become a growing concern.

Dr. Grymonpre’s program of research targets optimal medication use by the aged population including the role of the community pharmacist, rural health and aging, and interprofessional education. Specifically, Dr. Grymonpre has studied prescribing patterns for the elderly, the prevalence of drug-related hospitalizations in the elderly, medication adherence, and strategies to improve medication taking by the elderly, including the Medication Information Line for the Elderly (MILE) and models for community-based geriatric pharmaceutical care.

Affiliations and Qualifications

Dr. Grymonpre holds cross-appointments at the University with the Sections of Geriatric Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine. She is a Research Affiliate with the University’s Centre on Aging and the Riverview Health Centre.

Dr. Grymonpre’s area of expertise is ‘Geriatric Pharmacy’. Ruby is frequently asked to advise on a variety of initiatives in Geriatric Pharmacy at the national and provincial level. In 2003, she was invited to serve as a primary panelist for the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Consensus Conference on Heart Disease and the Elderly. Dr. Grymonpre has been an Expert Advisor for the Addictions Research Foundation, Toronto; the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Ottawa; and the Quebec Research Group on Medication Use in the Elderly.

Since 1991, she has been a member of the CPS Editorial Advisory Panel and represents the CPhA on the Advisory Committee on Management, Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada. Most recently, Dr.Grymonpre has been invited to sit on the Steering Committee of the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) and will represent the Faculty of Pharmacy on the Improving Health Care Initiative: Health Professions Education Collaborative (IHI-HPEC).

Dr. Grymonpre has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors for her work. Most notably, she received a University of Manitoba Outreach award (1985) and the Parke Davis Award (1987) for developing the Medication Information Line for the Elderly and a Centennial Award from the Manitoba Pharmacists Association (1998), the Glaxo Wellcome Award (2000) and a Parke Davis Award (2001) from the CSHP for her work relating to community pharmacists’ care of older adults. In February 2005, Dr. Grymonpre was granted Fellowship status with the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

Dr. Grymonpre has an active program of research. She has published articles in peer and non peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and has made numerous presentations. Most recently Ruby received a 5-year, $1.25 million New Emerging Team Grant with sociology, geriatric medicine and nursing to study Health and Aging in Rural Environments, a 2-year $150,000 grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to study medication adherence among older Manitobans, and a $1.1 million dollar grant from Health Canada to develop, implement and evaluate a program entitled “Interprofessional Education in Geriatric Care.”

Most recent publications are listed here.

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Dr. Ruby E. Grymonpre
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