Academic Staff

Frank J. Burczynski, Ph.D.

Research Focus:
Our group has two research initiatives. The first focuses on the cellular drug uptake mechanisms in normal and diseased livers. The goal of our research work is to enhance the efficiency with which diseased livers maintain function. To this end we are investigating the uptake process of lipophilic drugs and the influence of extracellular and intracellular binding proteins on the uptake process. Drug uptake is being studied using hepatocytes isolated from normal and diseased female and male livers as well as cell cultures and isolated perfused livers.  Our second research program involves enhancing skeletal muscle regeneration. Our group has developed a novel skeletal muscle regenerator, MyoNovin, that has the potential to suppress age related muscle atrophy by enhancing the regenerative process. Further studies are being conducted into the mechanism(s) and pharmacokinetics/biopharmaceutics of this novel drug.

Laboratory Capabilities:
Cell cultures, cell suspensions, isolated perfused organs and anesthetized animals are used to study transmembrane drug flux at a fundamental biophysical level. The laboratory is well equipped with electrophysiological equipment that is interfaced with intracellular imaging instrumentation to directly measure intracellular drug levels using fluorescent tags. Molecular biological techniques are used for determining cellular protein activity responsible for driving the uptake process. Isolated perfused organs and anesthetized animals are used to study the effect of vasoactive drugs on organ perfusion and drug uptake. Drug analysis makes use of analytical instrumentation that includes HPLC, MS/MS and spectrophotometry.

Present Studies:
Present studies focus on assessing the role of: a) extracellular and intracellular binding proteins on the drug uptake process; b) biopharmaceutics of MyoNovin.

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Ph: 204 474 6902