Academic Staff

Administrative Leadership

Dr. Lalitha Raman-Wilms
Geriatrics / Polypharmacy / Pharmacy Practice Research

Associate Dean Academic
Dr. Lavern Vercaigne
Clinical (Renal)

Associate Dean Research
Dr. Yuewen Gong
Physiology / Molecular Biology

Acting Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Geoffrey Tranmer
Medicinal Chemistry

Jan Coates
Director, Pharm. D. Development


Dr. Frank Burczynski
Pharmacology / Drug Delivery

Dr. David Collins
Drug Use / Statistics

Dr. Ruby Grymonpre
Clinical (Geriatrics)

Dr. Xiaochen Gu

Dr. Brian Hasinoff
Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Michael Namaka

Dr. Sheryl Zelenitsky
Clinical (Infectious Diseases)

Associate Professors

Dr. Silvia Alessi-Severini
Drug Utilization / Pharmaceutical Policy

Dr. Hope Anderson
Cardiovascular Research / Natural Products

Dr. Shawn Bugden
Drug Evaluation and Outcomes Research

Assistant Professors

Dr. Jamie Falk
Clinical (Primary Care)

Dr. I fan Kuo
Health Policy and Outcomes Research

Dr. Ted Lakowski
Epigenetics and Pharmacogenetics
Director of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory (PAL)

Dr. Christine Leong
Clinical (Primary Care)

Dr. Dana Turcotte
Clinical (Neurology/Anesthesia)
Interprofessional Education & Collaboration

Senior Instructors

Dr. Dennis Cote

Dr. Grace Frankel
Pharmacy Practice
Director of Pharmacy Performance Based Assessements

Dr. Christopher Louizos
Director of Practice Innovation and Simulation


Kelly Drummond
Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Drena Dunford
Pharmacy Practice

Nancy Kleiman
Pharmacy Practice

Sheila Ng
Pharmacy Practice

Sonal Purohit
Pharmacy Practice

Adjunct Professors

Dr. Robert Biscontri, Accounting & Finance, Asper School of Business

Dr. Ian Corbin, Adjunct Assistant Professor, External

Dr. Neal Davies, Adjunct Professor, External

Dr. Carole Lavigne, National Mircobiology Laboratory

Dr. Songyan Liu, Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

Dr. Mohammed Moghadasian, Lipoprotein, Human Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Salah Mahmud
Canada Research Chair in Pharmacoepidemiology and Vaccine Evaluation

Dr. Grant Pierce, Cell Biology / Cardiovascular Physiology

Dr. Robert Renaud, Education

Dr. Casey Sayre, Adjunct Assistant Professor, External

Dr. Daniel Sitar, Clinical Pharmacology

Dr. Wayne Xu, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Dean Emeritus

Dr. John Steele

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Colin Briggs, Natural Products / Drug Analysis

Dr. Keith Simons
Pharmacokinetics / Drug Analysis

Dr. John Templeton, Medical Chemistry

Clinical Professor

Dr. Robert Ariano, Clinical Pharmacist (St. Boniface)

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Peter Thomson, Clinical Pharmacist, Gastroenterology (HSC)

Dr. Lori Wazny, Clinical Pharmacist, Renal (HSC)

Clinical Assistant Professors

Dr. Alvaro Bras, Pharmacology / Drug Metabolism (HSC)

Dr. Christine Davis, Clinical Pharmacist - Renal (St. Boniface)

Dr. Sheri Fandrey, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Dr. Mark Friesen, Clinical Pharmacist, Cardiology (HSC)

Dr. Alfred Gin, Clinical Pharmacist, Infectious Diseases (HSC)

Kimi Guilbert, Shoppers Drug Mart

Ron Guse, Professional Practice & Jurisprudence (P/T Instructor)

Dr. Nick Honcharik, Clinical Pharmacist, Critical Care (HSC)

Dr. Patricia Honcharik, Clinical Pharmacist, Psychiatry (HSC)

Kyle MacNair, Clinical Pharmacist (Southern Health - Santé Sud)

Dr. Brenna Shearer, Pharmacists Manitoba Inc.

Rick Thurmeier, Clinical Pharmacist, Psychiatry (St. Boniface)

Pat Trozzo, Clinical Pharmacist, CancerCare Manitoba

Dr. Walter Watral, Clinical Pharmacist, CancerCare Manitoba

Nil Salaried Professors

Dr. Xiaohui Li

Nil Salaried Assistant Professors

Dr. Bhupendrasinh Chauhan

Dr. Albert Friesen, Medicure

Jillian Hardy, CPhM

Dr. Alberto Severini, National Microbiology Laboratory

Shirley Treacy, Toxicology

Nil Salaried Lecturers

Karen DiMarco, Victoria General Hospital

Britt Kural, Shoppers Drug Mart

Susan Lessard-Friesen, CPhM

Kim McIntosh, CPhM

Todd Mereniuk, CPhM

Brenda Rosenthal, (HSC) Pharmacy

Dinah Santos, Sobey's

Sherri Vokey, Head, Neil John MacLean Library

Danica Wasney, CancerCare Manitoba

Nil Salaried Field Instructors

Arleigh Andrushak, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Cory Badger, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Krista Brown, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Lisa DeGroot, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Anahita Dehmoobed, CancerCare Manitoba

Alanna Doell, HSC

Jennifer Fotti, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Christin Franken, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Darren Hall, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Jennifer Hart, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Patrick Hamilton, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Lisa Havixbeck, CancerCare Manitoba

Kristi Hofer, CancerCare Manitoba

Tara Hoop, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Cody Hotel, Interlake Health Region

Michelle Hryciw, Safeway Pharmacy

Ashleigh Jones, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Karli Jones, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Alby Kusno, Shoppers Drug Mart

Grant Lawson, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Scott McDougall, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Annie Ong, CancerCare Manitoba

Carla Pensack, CancerCare Manitoba

Kathryn Peterson, HSC

Kristine Petrasko, Deerlodge Centre (WRHA)

Mervin Pichlyk, Interlake Health Region

Erin Ramalho, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Brian Robinson, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Gerri Scott, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Trevor Shewfelt, Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

Jessica Streilein, CancerCare Manitoba

Schalk Strydom, Prairie Mountain Health - Brandon

Ashley Walus, WRHA

Last updated: Dec 1, 2017