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  • Traditional Wellness Clinic               
  • Spiritual Health Services View More

    Spiritual Health Services are available at the Health Sciences Centre , Green Owl Zone , Level 2 (GF214) at the general hospital.

    It is committed to supporting a hopeful environment for patients, families, staff, students and residents. Their dedicated staff can assist you in connecting with your inner strengths and hope in the face of illness, fear, discouragement and loss, or threat of loss.

    We respectfully support the needs of all – whether you identify as spiritual, atheist, religious or agnostic.

    The Medicine Wheel Garden of Indigenous Learning View More

    Provides a welcoming place for people to meet, share and learn about the importance and value of traditional knowledge and medicines. Throughout the year, an Elder will host teaching circles on traditional medicines and knowledge in this space.

    The Medicine Wheel Garden of Indigenous Learning is located on the Bannatyne Campus, outside Pedway Restaurant.

    A Traditional Blessing of the land took place on June 20, 2014.

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