Faculty & Residents
Program Director

Dr. Joshua Koulack
Assistant Professor and Residency Program Director
Section of Vascular Surgery
University of Manitoba
GF547 - 820 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1R9
Telephone (204) 787-3671, Fax (204) 787-7105

The Vascular Surgery Postgraduate Residency Training Program functions as a single program carried out in the two major teaching hospitals in Winnipeg: St. Boniface General Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. These two hospitals are responsible for the majority of vascular surgery done in the province.

There is currently one full-time university staff member at St. Boniface General Hospital and three full-time staff members at Health Sciences Centre. The faculty has a broad and extensive clinical base, with additional individual expertise in vascular non-invasive diagnosis (duplex ultrasound).

Current Faculty:
Dr. Joshua Koulack
Dr. Randy Guzman
Dr. Greg Harding
Dr. April Boyd

Current Resident:
Dr. Sebastian Launcelott