Thoracic Surgery - Research
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The research program in the Section of Thoracic Surgery is primarily focused on clinical studies, although we have a close collaboration with basic scientists at the University of Manitoba & Cancer Care Manitoba. Our research is also collaborative by nature and involves working with the following specialties: Anesthesiology, Respirology, ENT, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology. We welcome trainees interested in any of these specialties to participate in our research studies.

The basic themes of research are:

  1. Esophageal cancer
    • RCT comparing two neoadjuvant therapeutic approaches to locally advanced esophageal cancer (Dr. Buduhan)
  2. Health Services Research in Oncology
    • Health Resource Utilization after esophagectomy (Dr. Kidane)
    • Invasive Mediastinal Staging in Lung Cancer (Dr. Kidane)
  3. Intra-operative management of thoracic surgery patients
    • Impact of Single-Lung Ventilation on respiratory complications after thoracic surgery (Dr. Kidane)
    • Vocal Cord dysfunction (Dr. Srinathan)
  4. Perioperative outcomes after non-cardiac surgery
    • Multiple large multi-centre studies (Dr. Srinathan)

Within this broad outline, there are number of ongoing studies, some of which are being led by trainees. The Thoracic Surgery research program is supported by two full time and 3 part-time research assistants. 

Our research program can provide a wonderful opportunity for students and trainees interested to further their research experience.