Resident Resources

Library facilities are available at the Medical College, Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface General Hospital, along with the Section of Plastic Surgery Library

Microsurgery lab with two microscopes, animal facilities

Craniofacial plating lab with plastic skulls, miniplates

Funding is provided to allow attendance at one conference per year in years
PGY-3, -4, -5.
Funding for travel is also made available upon sectional approval for PGY1-5 residents to present at meetings.

One or two visiting professors of international stature are brought in each year for a full day with the section.

Resident's room with computer, CD Rom, VHS tapes at each teaching hospital

Additional Resources:

Links to Source documents re: provision of safe learner environment:

 1. Faculty of Medicine Teacher-Learner Guidelines –
 2. University of Manitoba Respectful Work And Learning Environment Policy –
 3. WRHA Respectful Workplace policy -
 4. Faculty’s Professionalism brochure which faculty could review prior to the session:
 5. RCPSC Position Paper Intimidation and harassment
 6. RCPSC LCME Standards Learning Environment

 7. Plastic Surgery Learning Environment 2013

 8. Plastic Surgery Rotation Goals and Objectives