Pediatric General Surgery - Resources

Surgeons within the Section of Pediatric General Surgery have hospital-based clinics which are available to patients during scheduled daytime hours. Referrals are made through each surgeon’s office. Emergent visits occur through the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room.

Surgeries occur primarily at the Children’s Hospital Operating Room, although low-risk elective day surgeries are also scheduled at the Maples Surgical Centre. Newborn circumcisions and elective circumcisions for patients not covered by Manitoba Health are scheduled at the Western Surgery Centre.

The surgical ward at Children’s Hospital is primarily CK3, although surgical patients may be admitted to other wards within the hospital according to the patient’s medical condition and the patient care resources availale.

For more information on the above surgical centres or hospitals, please visit the web sites below:

Childrens's Hospital of Winnipeg 
Western Surgial Centre 
Maples Surgical Centre