General Surgery - Faculty
The following are members of the faculty of the Section of General Surgery. Click on their names to see their expertise profiles.

Section Head
Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld


Dr. Brent Anderson
Dr. Chris Andrew
Dr. George Assuras
Dr. Colin Botkin
Dr. John Bracken
Dr. Lawrence Gillman
Dr. Perry Gray
Dr. Krista Hardy
Dr. Pamela Hebbard
Dr. Ramzi Helewa
Dr. David Hochman
Dr. Ali Khan
Dr. Jeremy Lipschitz
Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty (cross appointment)
Dr. Ethel MacIntosh
Dr. Brendan McCarthy
Dr. Andrew McKay
Dr. Richard Nason
Dr. Luis Oppenheimer
Dr. Mark Oppenheimer
Dr. Jason Park
Dr. Alok Pathak
Dr. Justin Rivard
Dr. Richard Silverman
Dr. Sarah Steigerwald
Dr. Ross Stimpson
Dr. Ashley Vergis
Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld
Dr. Cliff Yaffe
Dr. Benson Yip
Dr. Brent Zabalotny