Alok Pathak
Dr. Pathak completed his medical training and  general surgical residency at the Banaras Hindu University in India (MBBS 1991, MS-1994). He is a Diplomate of National Board (1995) and  a member of National Academy of Medical Sciences, India. Subsequently, he trained in Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, India and in Head and Neck Oncology research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, USA. He is also a fellow of the Royal  College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (1998), the Royal  College of  Surgeons of Edinburgh (1998) and  the Royal  College of  Surgeons of Canada.

Research Focus
The core of Dr. Pathak’s research has been cancers of Head and Neck particularly those of  thyroid and oral cavity.  His research interests spans both clinical and translational research.  He is following the oncological outcome of a population based cohort of about 2300 thyroid cancer patients of thyroid cancer over 27000 patient-years. His recent paper on the changing face of thyroid cancer (Cancer Medicine 2013) challenges the hypothesis that the recent rise in thyroid cancer is due to over diagnosis  This paper shows that the increase in age standardized incidence was not restricted to smaller thyroid cancers (micro-carcinomas) as has been thought of earlier. The significant improvement in thyroid cancer specific survival in this cohort was found to be independent of changes in patient characteristics; tumor stage or treatment practices and was due to the declining proportion of anaplastic thyroid cancers. His recent publication (Endocrine Connections 2013) questions the appropriateness of age threshold of 45 years in risk stratification of thyroid cancer. Dr. Pathak is currently involved in developing a mathematical model for individualized prediction oncological outcome of thyroid cancer patients. This paper on prognostic nomogram is an important milestone in this endeavor.

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University of Manitoba
Professor - Department of Surgery

Current Position
Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist
CancerCare Manitoba, Health Sciences Centre, St Boniface Hospital

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