Dr. Mohamed Akra M.B., CH.B., M.D., FRCPC
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology
Oncologist, CancerCare Manitoba
Chair, Sarcoma Disease Site Group

Disease Site Group: Breast, Gastrointestinal Tumors, and Sarcoma

Research  Group:


Executive Member of the (CCTG) Canadian Cancer Trials Group Sarcoma committee.

Executive Member of  the (CanSaRCC) Canadian Sarcoma Clinical and Research Collaboration Steering Committee.

National Canadian CCTG Study Chair of the: CCTG SRC.6.


Principal Investigator for the following clinical Trials in Manitoba:

             NSABP B-39

             OCOG Rapid

             CCTG MA-33

             OCOG Lumina


Principal Investigator for trial In Manitoba:

               CCTG-GA.1"Gastric Cancer Trial"

ON-3258, CancerCare Manitoba

Dr. Akra is an associate Professor in the Department of Radiology Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba.

After completing his residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Manitoba, he completed his fellowship training at the University of Ottawa in 2001, sine then he has been Practicing Radiation Oncologist.

Dr. Akra Has been the Chair for the Sarcoma Disease Site Group at CancerCare Manitoba since 2009 to current, working with a team of specialists to create the infrastructure to ensure consistent and high quality delivery of care for Sarcoma patients in Manitoba, and an executive member of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Sarcoma committee, and an advocate for National and international collaboration and clinical research in sarcoma.

As a national expert in Sarcoma, Dr. Akra was invited to the membership of the newly founded Canadian Sarcoma Clinical and Research Collaboration Group (CanSaRCC) sterring Committee, a national group of a group of physicians, scientists and other health care providers across Canada who have joined together to form a team to facilitate interdisciplinary scientific collaborations and perform clinical and translation research in sarcoma.

Dr. Akra is a member of the Breast Cancer DSG in Manitoba, leading many clinical trials as a Prinicipal investigator, and leading the implementation of many new techniques in the radiotherapy treatment of breast cancer to potentially improve the outcome of breast cancer patients in Manitoba, including DIBH technique, APBRT.

Dr. Akra is also amember of the G.I Disease site Group In Manitoba, and an expert in treating Gastrointestinal malignancies and Liver cancer, he is the Principal Investigator for the CCTG GA.1 Gastric Cancer clinical trial in Manitoba.

Dr. Akra has been involved in teaching residents, fellows and medical students over many years, and a member of the ARETS Committee at the PGME, University of Manitoba.