Dr. John C. Docherty
John C. Docherty
Assistant Professor - Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Executive Director of Manitoba Health Research Council
University of Manitoba
P127 Pathology Building, 770 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0T6
tel: (204) 775-1096; fax: (204) 786-5401
Email:   jdocherty@novadh2.ca   

Research Area

Research focuses on the pathophysiology of the heart, with respect to energetics and control of ionic homeostasis, in response to various insults modelling cardiovascular disease states. Ischemia reperfusion of isolated rat and guinea pig hearts is used as a model for investigating the mechanism of reperfusion injury occurring during thrombolysis and as a screening tool for drugs of potential benefit during the procedure. Techniques employed in these studies include classical physiological methods for measuring the mechanical function of the heart, coupled with multinuclear NMR to assess intracellular pH, high energy phosphates and intracellular Na+.Ca2+ transients in the intact heart are measured using epicardial fluorescence of Fura loaded hearts. Future studies will include the use of infra-red fluorescence imaging of hearts perfused with appropriate dye-protein conjugates to determine the effects of ischemia-reperfusion ( and drug intervention ) on microvascular permeability.

Recent Publications

"Cardiac sarcolemmal Na+/H+ exchange after a myocardial infarction in the rat." Docherty J.C., Ramjlawan B., Afzal N., Maddaford T.G., Dhalla N.S. and Pierce G.N. ; pp343-351 in " Pathophysiology of Heart Failure " ( Dhalla N.S., Singal P.K. and Beamish R.E., eds. 1996 )

"Effects of cromakalin and glybenclamide on myocardial high energy phospates and intracellular pH during ischemia-reperfusion; 31P NMR studies." Docherty J.C., Yang L., Kuzio B., Shoemaker L. and Deslauriers R. J. Mol Cell Cardiol. 1997 ( in press )

"FTIR/NIR assessment of ischemic damage in the rat heart." Sowa M.G., Mansfield J.R., Jackson M.J., Docherty J.C., Deslauriers R. and Mantsch H.H.. Mikrokimica Acta 1997 ( in press )

Dr. John C. Docherty
Area of research: Pathophysiology of the heart