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PhDs in Neuroscience/Neuropharmacology  - CIHR funded  (5 years)

University of Manitoba

The St Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre offers a vibrant and interactive research environment for graduate studies in the molecular cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases.  Three PhD positions are available in the Pharmacology Graduate Program in the Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders:

Position 1: Role of the calcium channel, TRPM3, in controlling axonal outgrowth and repair. (PI: Dr. P. Fernyhough)

Position 2: Mechanism of muscarinic receptor regulation of mitochondrial function in axons of adult neurons. (PI: Dr. P. Fernyhough)

Position 3: Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease.  (PI: Dr. B. Albensi)

Potential applicants for positions 1&2 can derive background information from Calcutt et al (2017) J.Clin.Invest. 127:608. For position 3, applicants should refer to Cadonic & Albensi  (2016) Mol Neurobiol 53:6078 and Djordjevic et al. (2017) Neuroscience 361:81.

Students with an undergraduate and/or masters background in biology, cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience and/or pharmacology/physiology are encouraged to apply. Stipends of CA$20,000 or more are available commensurate with level of experience.

Interested students should send a CV to Dr. Paul Fernyhough (e-mail: pfernyhough@sbrc.ca) or Dr. Benedict C. Albensi (email: balbensi@sbrc.ca).


Research Technician (level I)

St. Boniface Research Centre
Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders
351 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6

Supervisor: Dr. Paul Fernyhough

Research Technician (level I)
Proposed Start date: Immediately
Salary: $30,000 p.a. ($15.38/hr) 37.5 hrs/week
Trial/Probation Period: 3 months

SUMMARY: The successful incumbent will be performing neuron cell culture, analysis of survival and growth of neurons, and will use an array of techniques to study protein and RNA expression in cultures and tissues. Experience with cell culture, Western blotting and RT-PCR would be an advantage.

JOB DUTIES: Under the daily supervision of the lab manager and other existing lab staff, the incumbent’s main roles will be, but not limited to:
• Prepares laboratory solutions or specialized media and reagents following prescribed formulas.
• Performs tissue cultures, cell cultures, etc.
• Analyzes data under variety of microscopes including confocal microscope.
• Maintains lab in orderly fashion and ensures an adequate supply of bulk stock.
• Cleans lab, equipment and glassware as required.
• Assists with goods receipt/delivery of the onsite biobar.
• Operates standard lab equipment such as centrifuge, pH meter, scintillation counter, balance, microscopes, etc.
• Performs routine biological, chemical or protein analysis; uses established histological techniques; prepares tissues for light or electron microscopy, chromatography, etc.
• Enters, records and analyses data and results.
• Meets regularly with PI and research team to discuss study progress, issues and status, and quality of data collection.
• Is required to obtain knowledge of and comply with safety policies applicable to the workplace.
• Performs other related duties as required or assigned.

ADDITIONAL INFO: The successful applicant(s) will join molecular/cellular neurobiology lab under the supervision of Dr. Paul Fernyhough at the St Boniface Research Centre at the University of Manitoba. The applicant will become a part of a rapidly growing group addressing questions concerning neuronal degeneration in diseases of the central and peripheral nervous
system (CNS; PNS). The division has state-of-the-art resources for molecular/cellular biology and imaging, and uses in vitro and in vivo models, transgenic animals, and novel protein target identification to examine the function of the adult mammalian CNS and PNS. The applicant(s) must have demonstrated scientific productivity, possess good interpersonal skills and will be expected to work both independently and in a team setting.

The applicant(s) should have an undergraduate degree in a biological science, for example Biology, Microbiology and/or Cell Biology-related degree. Persons with an M.Sc. would also be considered. The subject area should be a biology-related discipline.

APPOINTMENT AND SALARY: One full-time position available immediately. CA$30-35k commensurate with training and experience.

Kelly Jorundson
Administrative Manager
Division Neurodegenerative Disorders
St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre
R4046 – 351 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2H 2A6
E: kjorund@sbrc.ca
T: 204.235.3939
F: 204.237.4092