Graduate Student Departmental Awards
ENTRANCE AWARD: Dr. Mark Nickerson Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Dr. Mark Nickerson, a world renowned pharmacologist, joined the University of Manitoba in 1954 and was appointed the first Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  He developed a modern course in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and established it as an important discipline in the undergraduate medical curriculum.  Dr. Nickerson recruited several world class pharmacologists over a short period of time to establish the Department as a leader both nationally and internationally in the field of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  He was the primary driving force in the design and construction of a new building for Pharmacology, The Chown Building, which opened in 1965, and remains the home of the Department.  The Department has trained many Pharmacologists, who have continued onto successful careers in government, private industry and academia, and have provided leadership in the field of Pharmacology and Therapeutics around the world. 

The Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics established an endowment fund as a lasting tribute to Dr. Mark Nickerson’s energy and vision in developing the discipline of pharmacology in Canada.  Pharmacology encompasses the interactions between drugs and biological systems, and includes pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics. Each year, the available annual interest from the fund will be used to offer one or more scholarships to graduate students who:
(1) are enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in a Master’s or doctoral program specializing the pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba;
(2) has achieved the highest entering degree grade point average, minimum 3.75 (or equivalent), based on the previous 60 credit hours of study.

      The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (or designate) will ask the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics  to name the selection committee for this award.

2014-2015 Crystal Acosta
2013-2014 Samira Atoui
2012-2013 Shengjua Zhu
2011-2012 Jose Gotes
2010-2011 Mahalakshmi Razdan
2009-2010 Nicolel Lovat
2008-2009 Kawshik Chowdhury
2007-2008 Solmaz Natez
2006-2007 Jillian LeMaistre


In memory of Dr. Ian R. Innes, his family, friends and colleagues have established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Innes began his appointment in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 1958 and retired in 1989. He served as Head of the Department from 1967 until 1982. His major area of research was autonomic pharmacology, and he devoted his career to postgraduate education.
The award is to be given to a senior graduate student (past the second year of the training program) in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics as recognition for an outstanding research presentation in the year-end evaluation of students in the training program. The amount of the award will be $300.
The selection committee will be the academic staff of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, who participate in the annual evaluation process of graduate students in the postgraduate training program. 

2014-2015 Hieu Nguyen
2013-2014 Edgard Mejia
2012-2013 Zhizhi Sun
2011-2012 Ngoc On
2010-2011 Kawshik Chowdhury
2009-2010 Jillian LeMaistre
2008-2009 Ryan Michell
2007-2008 Kristin Hauff
2006-2007 Joshua Schafer
2005-2006 Angela Shellenberg
2004-2005 Christina Zamzow
2003-2004 Diane Roberts
2002-2003 Julie Fotheringham



Dr. Clive Greenway served as Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics from 1982 to 1989 and again from 1994 to 1996.  The Clive Greenway Award is awarded for outstanding performance during the annual Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Graduate Student Presentations. With the addition of the Dr. Ian R. Innes Memorial Award in 2002, eligibility for the Clive Greenway Award has been focused on graduate students (MSc and PhD) that have been less than a total of two years in any graduate program in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. A student may not be awarded this award and the Dr. Innes Memorial Award in the same year.


2014-2015 Adam Hogan-Cann
2013-2014 Troy Pereira
2012-2013 Jose Gotes
2011-2012 Stephanie Chu
2010-2011 Chao Sun
2009-2010 Chris Dart
2008-2009 Solmaz Nafez
2007-2008 Jason Schapansky
2006-2007 James Shaw
2005-2006 Heather Ostermann
2004-2005 Jeff Grant
2003-2004 Diane Roberts
2002-2003 Ian Corbin
2001-2002 Julie Fotheringham
2000-2001 Brian Ma
1999-2000 Jodi Schoen
1998-1999 Kerry Goralski