Mubeen F. Rafay

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Research Focus

Dr. Rafay believes in the research philosophy that the best research is the result of questions arising from direct patient care and real clinical scenarios. Her clinical research focus is in the field of pediatric stroke, mainly stroke presentation, subtypes, prediction of ischemic stroke and stroke recovery and characterization of childhood arteriopathies.

As a valuable member of the national and international Pediatric Stroke Network and the lead local investigator in Manitoba for the International Pediatric Stroke Study (IPSS), she participates in both international and national strategic and committee planning in the area of stroke including National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and National Institute of Health (NIH) Stroke Common Data Elements (Stroke CDE) project, development of evidence based guidelines and protocols for childhood stroke as a member of Best Pediatric Stroke Practices Taskforce for the Canadian Stroke Consortium.

Her other research interests include the Pediatric Epilepsy with notable participation in Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) funded initiatives in childhood epilepsy, neonatal seizures and development of Rett syndrome/MECP2 Parent Support and Research Network.


  • Masters in Science -Basic Sciences and Clinical Epidemiology Stream,  Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Clinical and Research Fellowship in Pediatric Stroke, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Clinical Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Fellow of College of Physician and Surgeons Pakistan (FCPS) in Pediatrics, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, Pakistan.  
  • M.B., B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), University of Sind, Pakistan

Current Research Interests

  • Classifying stroke subtypes and childhood arteriopathies associated with Pediatric stroke
  • Discovering risk factors and outcomes of childhood stroke, both in general and with respect to specific stroke subtype
  • Longitudinal and controlled neuroimaging studies, including application of novel imaging techniques in pediatric stroke to understand the mechanisms of injury and repair in children at different age-groups.


Find a full list of Dr. Rafay's Publications

Canadian stroke best practice recommendations: Secondary prevention of stroke, sixth edition practice guidelines, update 2017
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Int J Stroke. 2017Jan; published online.

Increasing incidence of optic nerve hypoplasia/septo-optic dysplasia spectrum: Geographic clustering in Northern Canada
Khaper T, Bunge M, Clark I, Rafay MF, Mhanni A, Kirouac N, Sharma A, Rodd C, and Wicklow B. 
Paediatrics and Child Health, 2017 Nov; 22:8; 445-453. 27.

Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation and Prognosis of Posterior Circulation Ischemic Stroke in Children
Carey S, Wrogemanm J, Booth F, Rafay MF.
Paediatric Neurology. 2017 Sep; 74:41-50.

A pediatric institutional acute stroke protocol improves timely access to stroke treatment
Shack M, Andrade A, Shah-Basak PP, Shroff M, Moharir M, Yau I, Askalan R, MacGregor D, Rafay MF, deVeber GA; Acute Stroke Protocol study group.
Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. 2017 Sep; 59: 31–37.

Pathways for Neuroimaging of Childhood stroke
Mirsky DM, Beslow LA, Amlie-Lefond C, Krishnan P, Laughlin S, Lee S, Lehman L, Rafay M, Shaw D, Rivkin MJ, Wintermark M; International Paediatric Stroke Study Neuroimaging Consortium and the Paediatric Stroke Neuroimaging Consortium.
Paediatric Neurology. 2017 Apr; 69:11-23.

Longitudinal Outcomes in the 2014 Acute Flaccid Paralysis Cluster in Canada: A Nationwide Study.
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Accepted for publication in Journal of Child Neurology, October 2016

Canadian stroke best practice recommendations: Stroke rehabilitation practice guidelines, update 2015 
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Int J Stroke. 2016 Jun;11(4):459-84

Evolving Pediatric Cerebral Arteriopathy on Neuroimaging
Rafay MF, Leung ECW, Bunge M, Iancu D, Strong JE. 
J Pediatr Neurol Med 2016, 1:2

Risk of Recurrent Arterial Ischemic Stroke in Childhood: A Prospective International Study
Fullerton HJ, Wintermark M, Hills NK, Dowling MM, Tan M, Rafay MF, Elkind MS, Barkovich AJ, deVeber GA; and the VIPS Investigators. 
Stroke. 2016 Jan;47(1):53- 59

Diffuse Bacterial Meningitis and Myelitis Secondary to a Diplococcus Organism
Ann Wiebe G, Fanella S, Wrogemann J, Daymont C, Rafay M. 
Can J Neurol Sci. 2016; 43: 192-194

Awards & Honours

President’s Program for Highly Qualified Pakistanis (PPQP) Lecturer,Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.

Nomination for Med II teaching Award for “Inspirational Teacher”

"Honorable Mention” for the Med II Summer Project Interim Report Award by the Manitoba Medical Services Foundation, entitled “Posterior Circulation Ischemic Stroke in Manitoba Children: A Longitudinal Study of Clinical Presentation and Outcome”, Med II Student: Ms. Samantha Carey

The Program Supervisor Award to support a BSc. Med II summer project 2010-2011, "The Richard Hoeschen Memorial Award” (CAD $2,000) by the Manitoba Medical Services Foundation and the St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Med II Student: Ms. Samantha Carey

Mubeen F. Rafay


Phone: 204-787-2414

Mailing Address:
Children's Hospital Winnipeg, Health Sciences Centre
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