Celia Rodd

Current Leadership Positions

Professor, Department of Pediatrics & Child Health
Clinician Scientist, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba
Examiner, Endocrinology Examination Board, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Clinical Focus

Dr. Celia Rodd is a pediatric endocrinologist who treats children with diabetes mellitus and a wide spectrum of endocrine disorders. Her particular clinical focus is bone health, pediatric osteoporosis,  mineral homeostasis and vitamin D adequacy. She works within dynamic and diverse teams to provide care to children in Manitoba. She is also keen to promote the use of appropriate pediatric growth charts, which can help with the timely detection of aberrant health.


Masters of Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
FRCPC (Endocrinology): Universities of Toronto and Minnesota
FRCPC (Pediatrics): McGill University
Doctor of Medicine (with Honours): University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science: University of Toronto

Current Clinical Interests

Pediatric mineral homeostasis
Vitamin D metabolism
Pediatric osteoporosis
Socioeconomic status and determinants of pediatric health
Growth charts
Early childhood literacy


Increased prevalence and severity of high blood pressures in children using the 2017 AAP guidelines: A case-control study to characterize the new disease burden.
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PMID: 29710187

A Closer Look at Rickets in Manitoba: The Tip of the Iceberg.
M-E Lautatzis, A Sharma, and C. Rodd. 
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Increased rates of 25-hydroxy vitamin D testing: Dissecting a modern epidemic.
Rodd C, Sokoro A, Slater J, Thorlacious L, Bohm E. 
Clin Biochem Sept; 59:56-61, 2018 

Increasing incidence of optic nerve hypoplasia/ septo-optic dysplasia in Northern Canada.
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Paediatrics & Child Health, Nov;22:445-453
PMID: 29479262

Recent trends in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Canadian children.
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Program to provide Quebec infants with free vitamin D supplements failed to encourage participation or adherence
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Randomized dose-response trial of oral vitamin D supplementation with 400, 800, 1200 or 1600 IU/day in breastfed infants from Greater Montreal.
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Prevalence of vertebral fractures in an unselected, high-risk pediatric population with systemic inflammatory disease.
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Awards & Honours

  • 2014 Dr. Noni MacDonald Award, Canadian Paediatric Society (shared with the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group Growth Chart Subcommittee)
  • 2013 Paige & Bernard Kaplan Clinical Teaching Award, Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • 2010 Patrick M. Doran, Teacher of the Year Award, Inaugural award selected by Adult
  • Endocrinology Residents, McGill University
  • 2010 The Canadian Association for Medical Education, Certificate of Merit for Medical Education
  • 2009 McGill Faculty of Medicine, Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence
  • 1997 Paige & Bernard Kaplan Clinical Teaching Award, Montreal Children’s Hospital



Celia Rodd