Word of Introduction

Thank you for joining the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health Program. It is a pleasure to welcome you to our team, and we are looking forward to facilitate a smooth start into your new role or position. The orientation pages provide a short overview of who we are, the supports available, and the items to arrange to get you going from a professional and HR perspective. Not everything might be of value or even applicable, but we do hope to provide you with a starting point to further your development in our Department and Program. Please reach out to our Administrative Office with any questions you might have, or to the lead of our Mentorship Program, Dr. Ming-Ka Chan.

The tools available on this webpage will introduce a number of topics.
Among others, the following are addressed:

We also provide you with a number of checklists to get you started, as well as contact information of stakeholders in our Department and Program:

  • Onboarding checklist Department of Peds (empty)
  • Deliverables for new Faculty Members in their first three years of appointment (empty)
  • Section and Unit Contact Listing, Child Health Program (Children’s Hospital, St. Boniface and SSCY (empty)

For ongoing updates in the Department and Program, please ensure to set up your multiple email addresses in a careful manner and attend our weekly Grand Rounds and Research Rounds, quarterly Departmental Councils and annual events, like the Department of Pediatrics Retreat and Child Health Research Days, hosted by the Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. In addition, our quarterly Newsletter aims to summarize Departmental information for our Faculty, Medical Staff and Support Staff. It is distributed to members through email and available on this website.

On behalf of our leadership team, I welcome you to our Department and I am looking forward to working with you.

Dr. Terry Klassen