ITC - Introduction to Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkship
The overall goal of the OB/Gyn - Introduction to Clerkship period of study is to prepare students for the Clinical Clerkship. Students will build upon knowledge and abilities acquired during the Year II Reproduction course; Problem Solving sessions; and Clinical Skills/Patient Encounters.


The skill stations will provide for "hands-on" simulated practice of common/critical skills required in the clinical setting.

Station 1 - Gynecology

  • View a video on the speculum exam
  • Perform a speculum examination and pap smear using a model.

Station 2 - Suturing and Knot Tying

  • Learn suturing techniques and use of equipment.
  • Practice instrument ties, one-handed ties and two-handed ties.
  • View a video of knot tying

Station 3 - Normal Obstetrics

  • View a short video on examination of a pregnant woman.
  • Practice vaginal examinations for assessment of cervical dilation using models.
  • Learn the cardinal movements of the fetus during delivery using a model.
  • Learn how to assess fetal position by palpation of the fontanelles.

See Faculty of Medicine, Intro to Clerkship Manual (page 40) for Obstretrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Information