Department Contacts
Obstetrics & Gynecology Office 204-787-3175
PGME Office 204-787-1988
Altman, Alon

Director, Resident Research
Assistant Director, PGME

Ambrose, Devon   UGME Site Director for St. Boniface General Hospital
Azzam, Lina Clerkship Director, Thompson General Hospital
Clinical Instructor, Thompson General Hospital
Bernier, Mark

Site Medical Director (SOGH)
Service Chief, Gynecology
Medical Manager Quality, Gynecology

Boroditsky, Michael Education Specialist, Postgraduate Medical Education           
Boroditsky, Richard Director, Mature Women's Program (Victoria General Hospital)
Medical Director, Day Surgery     
Burnett, Margaret Section Head, Gynecology (HSC)
Associate Head, Academic
Chair, Appointment Committee
Director, Postgraduate Medical Education (U of M)       
Burym, Craig Director, Provincial Obstetrical Outreach Program 
Section Head, Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SBGH)
Medical Director, Fetal Assessment Unit
Corbett, Carrie Site Medical Manager, Grace Hospital
Dean, Erin Section Head, Gynecologic Oncology
Helewa, Michael Site Medical Director (SBGH)
Section Head Obstetrics (SBGH)
Associate Head, Research  
Hooper, Wendy Medical Manager, Quality - Obstetrics, (SBGH)
Hunt, Jennifer Director PGME, Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialty Program
Lee, Vivian IMG and PGY1 Rotating Resident Supervisor PGME 
Maslow,  Ken Section Head, Ambulatory Care (SBGH)
Section Head, Urogynecology (WRHA & U of M)
Section Head, Gynecology
McTavish, Gordon Educational Specialist, Minimally Invasive Surgery
Menticoglou, Savas Director, Early Miscarriage Program
Morris, Amanda Section Head, Adolescent & Pediatric Gyn (HSC)
Morris, Margaret Program Medical Director, Women's Health, WRHA
Site Medical Manager, HSC
Director, PA Program
McNaught, Jenna Director, Undergraduate Medical Education; Site Director Women's Hospital
Clerkship Leader
Mustafa, Arjowan Clinical Instructor, Thompson General Hospital
Naugler, Sharon  Section Head, Obstetrics (HSC)
Popowich, Shaundra PGME Program Director, Gynecologic Oncology
Pylypjuk, Christy Assistant Director Maternal Fetal Medicine Subspecialty Program
Medical Director, Manitoba Rh Program
Assistant Director, Obstetrical Outreach Program
Pymar, Helen Director, Ambulatory Care Women's Hospital
Director, TA Program
Robinson, debbie
Service Chief (WRHA)
Schneider, Carol Standards Committee Chair, Women's Health (WRHA)
Seager, Mary-Jane

Head, Dept of Ob/Gyn, University of Manitoba
Site Medical Director, Victoria General Hospital

Sett, Sikhor Head Clinical Skills Instructor, UGME

 Full Time Faculty

Dr. Alon Altman Associate Professor
Dr. Richard Boroditsky Professor
Dr. Margaret Burnett Professor
Dr. Craig  Burym Assistant Professor
Dr. Erin Dean Assistant Professor
Dr. Debra Evaniuk Assistant Professor
Dr. Dobrochna Globerman Assistant Professor
Dr. Michael Helewa Professor
Dr. Jennifer Hunt Assistant Professor
Dr. Sarah Kean Assistnat Professor
Dr. Robert Lotocki Professor
Dr. Kenny Maslow Assistant Professor
Dr. Jenna McNaught Assistant Professor
Dr. Savas Menticoglou Assistant Professor
Dr. Amanda Morris Assistant Professor
Dr. Margaret Morris Professor
Dr. Sharon Naugler Lecturer
Dr. Vanessa Poliquin Assistant Professor
Dr. Shaundra Popowich Assistant Professor
Dr. Christy Pylypjuk Assistant Professor
Dr. Helen Pymar Associate  Professor
Dr. Gregory Reid Assistant  Professor
Dr. Christine Robinson Assistant Professor
Dr. Carol Schneider Associate Professor
Dr. Adelicia Yu Lecturer

  University Associates

Dr. Z. Al-Moumen Lecturer
Dr. D. Ambrose Lecturer
Dr. L. Anttila Lecturer
Dr. S. Appleby Lecturer
Dr. J. Arneja Assistant Professor
Dr. A. Awadalla Lecturer
Dr. H. Azzam Assistant Professor
Dr. L. Azzam Lecturer
Dr. M. Bernier Associate Professor
Dr. R. Best Lecturer
Dr. D. Black Assistant Professor
Dr. M. Boroditsky Lecturer
Dr. J. Chan Lecturer
Dr. C. Corbett Lecturer
Dr. P. Debnath Lecturer
Dr. H. Diamond Lecturer
Dr. D. Dubyna Assistant Professor
Dr. A. Dyson Lecturer
Dr. D. Dzikowski Lecturer
Dr. R. Gertenstein Lecturer
Dr. J. Gilbert Lecturer
Dr. D. Holowenko Assistant Professor
Dr. W. Hooper Assistant Professor
Dr. S. Hosseini Lecturer
Dr. J. James Lecturer
Dr. S. Johnston Lecturer
Dr.  A. Karimu Lecturer
Dr. C. Katapodis Lecturer
Dr. P. Klippenstein Lecturer
Dr. A. Kotaska Lecturer
Dr. V. Lee Assistant Professor
Dr. G. Lefas Lecturer
Dr. M. Leylek Lecturer
Dr. A. Logan Lecturer
Dr. A. Maksymowicz Lecturer
Dr. I. Masoud Lecturer
Dr. G. McCarthy Lecturer
Dr. G. McTavish Lecturer
Dr. A. Mustafa Assistant Professor
Dr. S. Newman Lecturer
Dr. C. Palatnick Lecturer
Dr. C. Paterson Lecturer
Dr. J. Pan Lecturer
Dr. K. Pernarowski Lecturer
Dr. H. Ring Lecturer
Dr. d. Robinson Assistant Professor
Dr. L. Rogozinska Lecturer
Dr. D. Ruddock Lecturer
Dr. L. Sabeski Lecturer
Dr. C. Sawatzky Lecturer
Dr. V. Schutt Lecturer
Dr. M. J. Seager Assistant Professor
Dr. V. Schutt Lecturer
Dr. M. Sinha Assistant Professor
 Dr. S. Taylor Lecturer
Dr. L. Walters Lecturer
Dr. K. Yamamoto Assistant Professor