About the Department

We are committed to promoting excellence in medical education in Women's Health.  Our principle programs reflect this commitment at four levels:  (1) the pre-clinical Reproduction Course in Med II, (2) the six-week Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship, (3) the five-year Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program and (4) sub-specialty fellowship programs in Fetal-Maternal Medicine and Gynecological Oncology.  We support inter-professional education in the Nurse Practitioner and Midwifery Programs and provide learning opportunities for the Faculty's International Medical Graduate and Continuing Medical Education Programs.   Our members also provide leadership on a national and international level through professional societies and organizations.

Our faculty members provide care for women in the immediate geographical area of the two teaching hospitals as well as consultative expertise for Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and the North West Territories.  This extensive clinical base provides a rich opportunity for clinical teaching and research.  Our faculty is made up of 17 Geographic Full-time Teachers and 2 UMFA Academic Staff and 38 University Associate Physicians in private practice. This enthusiastic team provides conventional teaching, mentoring and coaching in order to advance the educational mission of the Department.

The Department supports six specialized faculty appointments that attest to the strength of its commitment to the pedagogical integrity of its programs:  (1) Director of Educational Programs (2) University Associate Education Specialist, (3) Director and Assistant Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, (4) Director of Postgraduate Medical Education and (5) Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery Training.