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All events take place in the Department of Immunology, A. Sehon Suite,
477 Apotex Centre, 750 McDermot Ave,  unless otherwise noted.
  • Mondays, 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
  • Research Seminars
  • Graduate Student Research Seminars
  • Research in Progress
  • Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:15 p.m.
  • All other events
  • as scheduled below



 13  Biosafety seminar

 Dr. Thomas Murooka
 Department of Immunology

 This seminar is COMPULSORY for all Immunology students, and lab personnel
 including Research Associates, Post Docs, technicians, students, visiting students and volunteers.
 17  Welcome Back and Award ceremonies

 Starts at 1:00 p.m.
 20  Research Seminar

 Dr. Pradip Maiti

 President & Chief Scientific Officer
 Immunimed Inc.
 Professional Affiliate, Department of Immunology

 Development of polyclonal antibody therapeutics for treatment and prevention of enteric diseases including clostridium difficile-associated infection
 24 No Journal Club  
 27  Research Seminar

  No seminar today
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 1 Journal Club

 4  Research Seminar - cancelled
 Child Health Research Days
 8 Thanksgiving - University Closed  
 11  Research Seminar

 Dr. Xiangguo Qiu
 Special Pathogens Program
 National Microbiology Laboratory

Post ZMapp-new developments on immunotherapy against Ebola viruses
X Qiu
 15  Journal Club

Alen Paiva

Article:  Burrack KS, Huggins MA, Taras E, Dougherty P, Henzler CM, Yang R, Alter S, Jeng EK, Wong HC, Felices M, Cichocki F, Miller JS, Hart GT, Johnson AJ, Jameson SC, Hamilton SE. Interleukin-15 Complex Treatment Protects Mice from Cerebral Malaria by Inducing Interleukin-10-Producing Natural Killer Cells. DOI: 10.1016/j.immuni.2018.03.012 PMID: 29625893

 18  Research Seminar

 Dr. Richard Keijzer
 Department of Surgery
 Max Rady College of Medicine
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
 University of Manitoba

 MiRacles for babies with abnormal lung development
R Keijzer
8:30 a.m.
 Semaphorin3E Symposium

 Dr. Jonathan Duke-Cohan
Department of Medical Oncology
 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School

 Trafficking in the thymus: new insights into the origins of autoimmunity

 22 Journal Club

 Anthony Altieri

F. Filipello, R. Morini, I. Corradini, V. Zerbi, A. Canzi, B. Michalski, M. Erreni, M. Markicevic, C. Starvaggi-Cucuzza, K. Otero, L.  Piccio, F. Cignarella, F. Perrucci, M. Tamborini, M. Genua, L. Rajendran, E. Menna, S.Vetrano, M. Matteoli. The Microglial Innate Immune Receptor TREM2 Is Required for Synapse Elimination and Normal Brain Connectivity. Immunity. Volume 48, Issue 5, 15 May 2018, Pages 979-991.e8
 25  Research Seminar

 No seminar today

 M.Sc. Thesis Defence

 Kunal Kapoor
Anti-inflammatory role of chromofungin, a chromogranin a-derived peptide, in the context of colitis

9:00-10:30 a.m.
Alec Sehon Seminar Room
477 Apotex Centre


 29 Journal Club

 Vasudeva Bhat

Adair L. Borges, Jenny Y. Zhang, MaryClare F. Rollins, Beatriz A. Osuna, Blake Wiedenheft and Joseph Bondy-Denomy. Bacteriophage Cooperation Suppresses CRISPR-Cas3 and Cas9 Immunity. Cell 174, 917-925. August 9, 2018.

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 1  Research Seminar

 Dr. Versha Banerji
 Department of Internal Medicine
 Max Rady College of Medicine
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
 University of Manitoba
 & Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology

 Using real world clinical data: From clinical care to translational research
V Banerji
 5 Journal Club

 Rony Thomas

S. Tsai, X. Clemente-Casares, A.C. Zhou, H. Lei, J.J. Ahn, Y. T. Chan, O. Choi, H. Luck, M. Woo, S. E. Dunn, E.G. Engleman, T.H. Watts, S. Winer, and D.A. Winer. Insulin Receptor-Mediated Stimulation Boosts T Cell Immunity during Inflammation and Infection. Cell Metabolism, 2018 Aug 22. pii: S1550-4131(18)30504-7.
 8  Research Seminar

 Dr. Keith Fowke

 Department of Medical Microbiology
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
 University of Manitoba

 Does sex work drive immune tolerance?

Some female sex workers in Nairobi are highly exposed to HIV yet remain uninfected. Immune activation is higher in HIV infection and activated CD4+ T cells are preferred targets for HIV infection. Our lab has shown that the longer a women has been involved in sex work the lower her immune activation levels are. Is sex work driving this lower level of immune activation and possibly contributing to increased resistance to HIV infection?
Keith Fowke
 Nov. 9


 Lentiviral Vector Viral Particles Production Core Platform

 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
 Alec Sehon Seminar Room
 477 Apotex Centre (4th floor)

 12  Remembrance Day - University Closed  
 15  Research Seminar
 Dr. Janilyn Arsenio

 Manitoba Centre of Proteomics and Systems Biology
 Max Rady College of Medicine
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
 University of Manitoba

 Understanding CD8+ T cell differentiation at the single-cell level
 J Arsenio
NB:  STARTS AT 11:30 a.m. TODAY
 Journal Club

 Hadeesha Piyadasa

Keren L, Bosse M, Marquez D, Angoshtari R, Jain S, Varma S, Yang SR, Kurian A, Van Valen D, West R, Bendall SC, Angelo M. A Structured Tumor-Immune Microenvironment in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Revealed by Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging. Cell. 2018 Sep 6;174(6):1373-1387.e19. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.08.039.
 22 Research Seminar

 Caroline Graham

Research Associate, HayGlass Lab
 Department of Immunology

  What to expect when you are expecting: If and how your innate immune system changes during a healthy successful human pregnancy

 LOCATION:  500 John Buhler Research Centre


Caroline Graham
 26  Journal Club

 Folayemi Olayinka-Adefemi

L.A. O’Reilly, T.L. Putoczki, L.A. Mielke, J.T. Low, A. Lin, A. Preaudet, M.J. Herold, K. Yaprianto, L. Tai, A. Kueh, G. Pacini, R. L.Ferrero, R. Gugasyan, Y. Hu, M. Christie, S. Wilcox, R. Grumont, M. D.W. Griffin, L. O’Connor, G.K. Smyth, M. Ernst, P. Waring, S. Gerondakis, A. Strasser. Loss of NF-κB1 Causes Gastric Cancer with Aberrant Inflammation and Expression of Immune Checkpoint Regulators in a STAT-1-Dependent Manner. Immunity Volume 48, Issue 3, 20 March 2018, Pages 570-583.e8

 29 Special Seminar

A Special Seminar, for Dept of Immunology Graduate Students only, will be offered as follows:

 Ms. Kate Yee
 Career Consultant
 Student Affairs
 Career Services
 University of Manitoba

The Immunology Student Council has invited Ms. Yee to give a presentation covering the following:  

  • Future of immunologists
  • Academia vs industry
  • C.V. vs. resume
  • When,  where and how to apply for different positions
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 3  Journal Club

 Aaron Chanas-LaRue

Zhutian Zeng, Bas G. J. Surewaard, Connie H. Y. Wong, Christopher Guettler, Björn Petri, Regula Burkhard, Madeleine Wyss, Hervé Le Moual, Rebekah Devinney, Graham C. Thompson, Jaime Blackwood, Ari R. Joffe, Kathy D. McCoy, Craig N. Jenne, and Paul Kubes. Sex-hormone-driven innate antibodies protect females and infants against EPEC infection. Nature Immunology. volume 19, pages1100–1111 (2018).

 6  Research Seminar

 Dr. Jason Kindrachuk
 Canada Research Chair in the molecular pathogenesis of emerging and re-emerging viruses
Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
 Max Rady College of Medicine
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
 University of Manitoba

 Characterizing the molecular determinants underlying severe Ebola virus disease and post-recovery persistence: science under negative pressure
 10  Journal Club

 Joaquin Ernesto Fajarde Despaigne
Michelet X, Dyck L, Hogan A, Loftus RM, Duquette D, Wei K, Beyaz S, Tavakkoli A, Foley C, Donnelly R, O'Farrelly C, Raverdeau M, Vernon A, Pettee W, O'Shea D, Nikolajczyk BS, Mills KHG, Brenner MB, Finlay D, Lynch L.  Metabolic reprogramming of natural killer cells in obesity limits antitumor responses. Nat Immunol. 2018 Dec;19(12):1330-1340. doi: 10.1038/s41590-018-0251-7
 13  Research Seminar

 Dr. Sabine Hombach-Klonisch
 Human Anatomy and Cell Science
 Max Rady College of Medicine
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
 University of Manitoba

 The oncofetal HMGA2 protects the cancer cell genome
Sabine Hombach-Klonisch
 17  Journal Club

 Nnamdi Ikeogu

A. Glasner, A. Levi, J. Enk, B. Isaacson, S. Viukov, S. Orlanski, A. Scope, T. Neuman, C.D. Enk, J.H. Hanna, V. Sexl, S. Jonjic, B. Seliger, L. Zitvogel, O. Mandelboim. NKp46 Receptor-Mediated Interferon-g Production by Natural Killer Cells Increases Fibronectin 1 to Alter Tumor Architecture and Control Metastasis. Immunity 48, 107–119 January 16, 2018.
 20  Research Seminar - Cancelled  
  University Closed December 22, 2018 to January 2, 2019 inclusive  
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 10  Golden Anniversary Research Seminar Series

 Dr. Kent HayGlass
Department of Immunology

 Your sex shapes innate immunity: Women and Men Differ, Boys and Girls not so much
 14  Journal Club

 Rahmat Rahman

C.S. Garris, S.P. Arlauckas, R.H. Kohler, M.P. Trefny, S. Garren, C. Piot, C. Engblom, C. Pfirschke, M. Siwicki, J. Gungabeesoon, G.J. Freeman, S.E. Warren, S. Ong, E. Browning, C.G. Twitty, R.H. Pierce, M.H. Le, A.P. Algazi, A.I. Daud, S.I. Pai, A. Zippelius, R. Weissleder, and M.J. Pittet Successful Anti-PD-1 Cancer Immunotherapy Requires T Cell-Dendritic Cell Crosstalk Involving the Cytokines IFN-γ and IL-12Immunity. Volume 49, Issue 6, P1148-1161.e7, December 18, 2018
 17  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Vasudeva Bhat

Identification and characterization of a new basal-like luminal progenitor in human breast tissue

Vasudeva Bhat
 21  Journal Club

 No Journal Club today
 24  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Hadeesha Piyadasa

 Rony Thomas
 Semaphorin 3E in host defense against chlamydial infection

 28  Journal Club

 Abdoulaye Diarra

M.G. Pauthner, J.P. Nkolola, C. Havenar-Daughton, B. Murrell, S.M. Reiss, R. Bastidas, J. Prevost, R. Nedellec, B. von Bredow, P. Abbink, C.A. Cottrell, D.W. Kulp, T. Tokatlian, B. Nogal, M. Bianchi, H. Li, J. Hyun Lee, S.T. Butera, D.T. Evans, L. Hangartner, A. Finzi, I.A. Wilson, R.T. Wyatt, D.J. Irvine, W.R. Schief, A.B. Ward, R.W. Sanders, S. Crotty, G.M. Shaw, D.H. Barouch, and D.R. Burton. Vaccine-Induced Protection from Homologous Tier 2 SHIV Challenge in Nonhuman Primates Depends on Serum-Neutralizing Antibody TitersImmunity. 2019 Jan 15;50(1):241-252.

 30  M.Sc. Thesis Defence

 Rahmat Rahman
 JNK-associated leucine zipper (JLP) scaffolding protein regulates natural killer cell migrations

9:30-11:30 a.m.
 Alec Sehon Seminar Room (477 Apotex Centre)
 31  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Rashed Rashu
 Lung resident memory T cells in chlamydia infection
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 4  Journal Club

 Ashley Ste-Croix

Ellen C. Moore, Lillian Sun, Paul E. Clavijo, Jay Friedman, Joe B. Harford, Anthony D. Saleh, Carter Van Waes, Esther H. Chang & Clint T. Allen. Nanocomplex-based TP53 gene therapy promotes anti-tumor immunity through TP53- and STINGdependent mechanisms Oncoimmunology 2018, Vol. 7, No. 7, e1404216


Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 No seminar today

 11  Journal Club

 Gloria Akaluka
K. Hirota, M. Hashimoto, Y. Ito, M. Matsuura, H. Ito, M. Tanaka, H. Watanabe, G. Kondoh, A. Tanaka, K. Yasuda, M. Kopf, A.J. Potocnik, B. Stockinger, N. Sakaguchi, and S. Sakaguchi. Autoimmune Th17 Cells Induced Synovial Stromal and Innate Lymphoid Cell Secretion of the Cytokine GM-CSF to Initiate and Augment Autoimmune Arthritis.  2018, Immunity 48, 1220–1232.
 14  Golden Anniversary Research Seminar Series

 Dr. Jude Uzonna 
 Changing dogma? Immunologic memory may need constant reminders

Jude Uzonna poster
 18  Louis Riel Day - University Closed  
 21  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Alen Paiva
 Identification and characterization of immune cells in tumour-adjacent breast tissue

 Nnamdi Ikeogu
 Regulation of host's immunity to cutaneous leishmaniasis by Semaphorin 3E
Alen Paiva



 Journal Club

 Xun Wu
B.M. Szczerba, F. Castro-Giner, M. Vetter, I. Krol, S. Gkountela, J. Landin, M.C. Scheidmann, C. Donato, R. Scherrer, J. Singer, C. Beisel, C. Kurzeder, V. Heinzelmann-Schwarz, C. Rochlitz, W.P. Weber, N. Beerenwinkel & N. Aceto. Neutrophils escort circulating tumour cells to enable cell cycle progression. Nature 2019.

 25  Edge of Science in Medicine

  Dr. Andrew P. Makrigiannis
  Professor and Head
  Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  Dalhousie University

  The Case of Mike's missing macrophages: Role of 'NK Cell receptor' in alveolar macrophage development and function

12:00 noon
Frederic Gaspard Theatre
 Basic Medical Sciences Building

Dr M

 Dr. Aaron Marshall
 Professor, Department of Immunology

 Noon - 1:00 p.m.
Theatre C, Basic Medical Sciences Bldg.
 28  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

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 4  Journal Club

  No Journal Club
 7  S Gibson Golden Anniversary presentation  
 11  Journal Club
 Dina Mostafa

T. Sumida, M.R. Lincoln, C.M. Ukeje1, D.M. Rodriguez, H. Akazawa, T. Noda, A.T. Naito, I. Komuro, M. Dominguez-Villar and D.A. Hafler. Activated β-catenin in Foxp3+ regulatory T cells links inflammatory environments to autoimmunity. Nature Immunology. Vol 19, December 2018 pgs. 1391–1402.


 Ph.D. Thesis Defence

 Vasudeva Bhat
  NOTCH3-FRIZZLED7 signaling regulates luminal cell fate in human breast tissue

 9:30 - 11: 30 a.m.
 Alec Sehon Seminar Room, 477 Apotex Centre

 13 Egan poster  
 14  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Amena Aktar
 PlexinD1 deficiency in macrophage exacerbates house dust mite-induced allergic asthma


 18  Journal Club

 Mahder Teffera

Banks, D. A., Ahlbrand, S. E., Hughitt, K. V., Shah, S., Mayer-Barber, K. D., Vogel, S. N., et al. (2019). Mycobacterium tuberculosis Inhibits Autocrine Type I IFN Signaling to Increase Intracellular Survival. The Journal of Immunology.
 21  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Ernesto Fajardo Despaigne
 Role of follicular helper T cell subsets in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

 Abdoulaye Diarra
 Chromofungin ameliorates colitis and reduces endoplasmic reticulum stress/P53-apoptotic pathways
 25  Journal Club

 Roma Zayats
  M. Kanekiyo, M.G. Joyce, R.A. Gillespie, J.R. Gallagher, S.F. Andrews, H.M. Yassine, A.K. Wheatley, B.E. Fisher, D.R. Ambrozak, A. Creanga, K. Leung, E.S.Yang, S. Boyoglu-Barnum, I.S. Georgiev, Y. Tsybovsky, M.S. Prabhakaran, H. Andersen, W. Kong, U. Baxa, K. L. Zephir, J.E. Ledgerwood, R.A. Koup, P.D. Kwong, A.K. Harris, A. B. McDermott, J.R. Mascola & B.S. Graham. Mosaic nanoparticle display of diverse influenza virus hemagglutinins elicits broad B cell responses. Nature Immunology vol. 20, pp 362–372 (2019).


 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Mahder Teffera
Capripoxvirus Studies: Characterization of different strains and development of DIVA and other recombinant Vaccines

 Gloria Akaluka
 Regulation of Inflammasome and NET formation in Neutrophils by PI3K

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 1  Journal Club

 Amena Aktar

B.C. Miller, D.R. Sen, R. Al Abosy, K. Bi, Y.V. Virkud, M.W. LaFleur, K.B. Yates, A. Lako, K. Felt, G.S. Naik, M. Manos, E. Gjini, J.R. Kuchroo, J.J. Ishizuka, J.L. Collier, G.K. Griffin, S.Maleri, D.E. Comstock, S.A. Weiss, F.D. Brown, A. Panda, M.D. Zimmer, R.T. Manguso, F.S. Hodi, S.J. Rodig, A.H. Sharpe and W.N. Haining. Subsets of exhausted CD8+ T cells differentially mediate tumor control and respond to checkpoint blockade. Nature Immunology. volume 20, pages 326–336 (2019).

 4  Research Seminar

 Dr. Lisa Reynolds
University of Victoria
 Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

 Modulation of host immunity by gut-dwelling helminths and bacterial microbes
L Reynolds


11:00 a.m.


 11  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Aida Barazandeh
 The critical role of phosphoenolpyrovate carboxykinse (PEPCK) in pathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis

 Aaron Chanas-Larue
H1 antihistamines induce synergistic cell death in CLL cells when combined with ibrutinib in vitro
 15 Journal Club

Atta Yazdanpanah

A. De Luca, M. Pariano, B. Cellini, C.  Costantini, V. R.  Villella, S.S. Jose, M. Palmieri, M. Borghi, C.  Galosi, G. Paolicelli, L. Maiuri, J. Fric, T. Zelante. The IL-17F/IL-17RC Axis Promotes Respiratory Allergy in the Proximal Airways. Cell Reports 20, 1667–1680, August 15, 2017.
 18 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Ashley Ste-Croix 
INPP4’s Role in the Regulation of BCR Signaling and Metabolic Activity

Xun Wu
 Abnormal T follicular helper cell subsets in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia


 Ashley Ste-Croix

Xun Wu

 22  Journal Club

 Aida Barazandeh

F. Zhang,R. Li, Y. Yang, C. Shi, Y. Shen, C. Lu, Y. Chen, W. Zhou, A. Lin, L. Yu, W. Zhang, Z. Xue, J. Wang, and Z. Cai. Specific Decrease in B-Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Enhances Post-Chemotherapeutic CD8+ T Cell Responses. Immunity

 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Anthony Altieri

 Regulation of airway inflammation: IL-17 & TNF

 Dina Mostafa
 Sex-related differences in a house dust mite-challenged murine model of allergic asthma


 Journal Club

Abdulaziz Alamri

L.C. Burzynski, M. Humphry, K. Pyrillou, K.A. Wiggins, J.N.E. Chan, N. Figg, L.L. Kitt, C. Summers, K.C. Tatham, P.B. Martin, M.R. Bennett, and M.C.H. Clarke. The Coagulation and Immune Systems Are Directly Linked through the Activation of Interleukin-1a by Thrombin. Immunity. 50, 1–10 April 16, 2019.

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 Special Seminar

 Presentation by Student Counselling Office

  Managing Stress in a Demanding Program: Strategies, Resources, and Support

 12 noon
 Alec Sehon Seminar Room


 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Fola Olayinka-Adefemi

The function of P13K Delta (P110d) enzyme in protective immunity to trypanosoma congolense




Atta Yazdanpanah 

Understanding the role of neutrophils in female reproductive tract (FRT) epithelial barrier remodeling in vivo and HIV susceptibility


Atta Yazdanpanah
 6  Golden Anniversary Research Seminar Series

  Dr. Andrew Halayko

 Oxidized phosphatidylcholines in asthma pathophysiology: A clue for new Therapies?
 9  Research Seminar

 Dr. Edwin Wang
AIHS Translational Chair in Cancer Genomics/Informatics
 Cumming School of Medicine
 University of Calgary

 Tumor single-cell and genomics suggest that germline functional variants in NK cells are associated with survival and immunotherapy

 Edwin Wang
 13  Journal Club

 Rashed Rashu
Shi J, Hou S, Fang Q, Liu X, Liu X, Qi H. PD-1 Controls Follicular T Helper Cell Positioning and Function. Immunity. 2018 Aug 21;49(2):264-274.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2018.06.012. Epub 2018 Jul 31.

 15  M.Sc. Thesis Defence

 Atta Yazdanpaneh

 Understanding the role of neutrophils in female reproductive tract (FRT) epithelial barrier remodeling in vivo and HIV susceptibility

 10:00 a.m.
 Alec Sehon Seminar Suite
 477 Apotex Centre
 Atta Yazdanpanah
 16  Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

 Abdulaziz Alamri

 Roma Zayats
 Cellular dynamics of immune evasion during Leishmania major infection
 20  Victoria Day - University Closed  
 23  Research Seminar

 Dr. Natacha Colliou
 Research Associate
 Department of Immunology

 Development of new strategies to prevent autoimmune and inflammatory diseases


 No Research Seminar Today



 2018/2019 Distinguished Immunologist Lecture


 Dr. Paul Kubes

 University of Calgary
 Departments of Physiology & Pharmacology
 Medicine & Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Diseases
 Director, Snyder Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

 20  Golden Anniversary Research Seminar Series

  Dr. Kelly MacDonald

  Testing herpesvirus vectors in the real world African setting: lessons learned to guide vaccine trials
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 25  M.Sc. Thesis Defence

 Aaron Chanas-Larue
 Antihistamines induce synergistic cell death when combined with ibrutinib in malignant B cell lines and primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells

10:00-11:30 a.m.
Sehon Seminar Room, 477 Apotex Centre

 21  M.Sc. Thesis Defence

 Folayemi Olayinka-Adefemi
 The function of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta (PI3Kδ) enzyme in protective immunity to Trypanosoma congolense infection in mice: Role of regulatory B cells

9:00-11:00 a.m.
Sehon Seminar Room, 477 Apotex Centre


 M.Sc. Thesis Defence

 Nnamdi Ikeogu

Regulation of immunity to cutaneous leishmaniasis by semaphorin 3E

12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m.
Sehon Seminar Room, 477 Apotex Centre

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