IMMU7020 - Immunobiology Course Outline 2017
Course Outline
Winter 2018 (Revised Jan 22/18)
CRN #53675 A01 (6 credit hours)

Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Jude Uzonna
Office: 425 Apotex Centre
Phone: (204) 977-5659
Course Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
January 9 - May 15, 2018
Location: 477 Apotex Centre, A. Sehon Seminar Room


To develop an in-depth understanding of the development, functioning and regulation of the mammalian immune system. This is the most advanced course in the Department of Immunology and is aimed at senior graduate students in immunology or those in related disciplines who wish an advanced perspective on immunologic knowledge and current research. 

IMMU7070 - Introductory Immunology (or equivalent) or the written permission of the course Co-ordinator.  Course instructors will assume that students are familiar with immunology at the level of the Abbas textbook Basic Immunology, 2012.

Intensive.  Lectures (2 hr/lecture) will be held twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:30 a.m.) in room 477, the Alec Sehon Seminar Room, in the Apotex Centre building.  At the discretion of the instructors, lectures may be didactic and/or paper-based discussions.

This course will be graded based on a midterm (35% of the final mark), 1 take-home assignment (10%), participation in a formal "in class" debate on a topic to be assigned (10%) and a final exam mostly on the lectures given after the midterm (45%).  Please note that the final exam will also include about 2 questions from lectures given prior to the midterm exam.  The take-home assignment, which will be given at the end of lectures, will test students' critical thinking, analytical and synthesis abilities and will require students to design experiments (including appropriate controls) to test immunological hypotheses.  Both the mid-term and final exam questions will be of the short answer style and will test students' critical thinking and analytical skills.

Evaluation Summary:

Midterm Exam (closed book) 35%
Final Exam (closed book) 45%
Take home assignment 10%
In-class debate 10%

Recommended Texts:

  1. Janeway, Immunobiology, 9th edition (2016)
  2. W. Paul, Fundamental Immunology, 7th edition (2013)
  3. Research papers and reviews as assigned by individual instructors (accessible via PubMed)

Class Schedule:

Jan. 9, 2018  Course Overview:  Brief Review of Immunology J. Uzonna
Jan. 11  Dendritic Cell Biology S. Kung
Jan. 16  NK Cell Biology S. Kung
Jan. 18  Haematopoesis and Immunity A. Raouf
Jan. 23  Pattern Recognition Receptors and Host Defense Peptides N. Mookherjee
Jan. 25  Granuloctye:  Ontogeny and Function A. Soussi Gounni
Jan. 30  Antigen Presentation:  Cytotoxicity and Anti-viral Immunity S. Babiuk
Feb. 1  Antigen Receptor Structure, Diversity and Recognition A. Marshall
Feb. 6  B Cell Biology A. Marshall
Feb. 8  Signaling Through Immune System Receptors A. Marshall
Feb. 13  Chemotaxis and Homing of Immune Cells F. Lin
Feb. 15  Immunologic Memory J. Uzonna
Feb. 20  Regulation of Immune Responses, Costimulation, Cytokines, Th1/Th2 K. HayGlass
Feb. 22  No class (Study Week)  
Feb. 27  No class (Study Week)  
Mar. 1  MID-TERM EXAM (closed book)
 Location:   Room 061Apotex Centre
 Time: 9:00-11:30 a.m.
 J. Uzonna
Mar. 6  Cytokine and Chemokine Receptors:  Structure, Signaling and Function A. Soussi Gounni
Mar. 8  Vaccines/Extrinsic Regulation of Immune Responses X. Yang
Mar. 13  Immunobiology of HIV/AIDS L. Mckinnon
Mar. 15  Immunobiology of Transplantation P. Nickerson
Mar. 20  Immunobiology of Hemorrhagic Viral Infections G. Kobinger
Mar. 22  Apoptosis Pathways and Haematopoietic Cancers S. Gibson
Mar. 27  TBD  
Mar. 29  Epigentic Regulation of Immune Response R. Su
Apr. 3  TBD TBD
Apr. 5  Graft-versus-Host Disease and the Graft-versus-Malignancy Effect TBD
Apr. 10  Animal Models of Studying the Immune System in vivo T. Murooka
Apr. 12  Neuroimmunology J. Ghia
Apr. 17  Viral Immunopathology and Vaccines S. Babiuk
Apr. 19  Immunopathology J. Uzonna
Apr. 24  TBD  
Apr. 26  Autoimmunity and Immune Deficiency States C. Hitchon
May 1 The Mucosal Immune System J. Ghia

Rules of Engagement:
  1. For each motion, 2 students will debate each other.
  2. Each student will have 7 min to present his/her first argument. They will have additional 3 minutes for rebuttal (to further stress their points and knock off critical issues raised by their opponent).
  3. Students may make use of a Powerpoint presentation (or whatever they deem fit) to drive home their points.
  4. There will be a 5 minute question and answer period from the audience (students and professors).
  5. All students and professors present at the debate will grade students on a 10-point scale. The final mark will be the average of all the grades.
  6. The following criteria will be considered for grading: knowledge of the literature, effective use of delivery systems, strong and convincing scientific argument, time management, ability to rebut critical points and enthusiasm.


  Rahmat Raman

MOTION 1: Secondary lymphoid organs are critical for survival.
Contributor: Dr. Jean-Eric Ghia

For:  Atta Yazdanpaneh
Against: Rony Thomas

MOTION 2: Immunotherapy will never be able to fulfill the promise of curing cancer.
Contributor: Dr. Aaron Marshall

For: Rashed Rashu
Against: Aaron Chanas-Larue

MOTION 3: Th17 cells and IL-17 are master regulators of inflammatory responses.
Contributor: Dr. Abdel Soussi-Gounni

For: Kunal Kapoor
Against: Fola Olayinka-Adefemi

J. Uzonna
May 8 DEBATES (continued)

  Rahmat Rahman

MOTION 4: All the innate lymphoid cell subsets identified to date represent basically the same single cell type.
Contributor: Dr. Sam Kung

For:  Nnamdi Ikeogu
Against: Amena Aktar

MOTION 5: Hematopoietic stem cells are not part of the body's immune system.
Contributor: Dr. Afshin Raouf

For: Roma Zayats
Against: Alen Paiva

MOTION 6: Basic immunological research should expand the use of wild (feral) mice.
Contributor: Dr. Thomas Murooka

For: Aida Feiz Barazandeh
Against: Ashley Ste-Croix

May 10

 FINAL EXAM (Closed book)

 Time:  9:00 a.m. - 12 noon
 Location: Room 061 Apotex Centre

J. Uzonna
May 15 Take-home Assignment Due J. Uzonna