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All events take place in the Department of Immunology, A. Sehon Suite,
477 Apotex Centre, 750 McDermot Ave,  unless otherwise noted.
  • Mondays, 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
  • Research Seminars
  • Graduate Student Research Seminars
  • Research in Progress
  • Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:15 p.m.
  • All other events
  • as scheduled below











12:15 p.m.

Research Seminar

Phillip Scott, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Research and Academic Resources
Professor of Immunology
Department of Pathobiology
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

CD8 T cells, the inflammasome and skin commensals: How they all promote increased disease in cutaneous leishmaniasis
P Scott

Sept 18

Edge of Science and Medicine Visiting Speaker Series

Robert Brunham, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
University of British Columbia

The Genome, microbiome and evolutionary medicine 

12:00 noon
Theatre A (Frederick Gaspard Theatre)

R Bunham
21 Safety Seminar - Dr. Thomas Murooka
Sept 25
Edge of Science

Afshin Raouf, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Immunology/Regenerative Medicine
University of Manitoba

Deconstructing breast tumour environment reveals new insights into cancer promoting role of fibroblasts and immune cells

12:00 noon
Theatre A (Frederick Gaspard Theatre)

A Raouf
28 Departmental Awards Ceremony

12:00 noon
Sehon Seminar Room
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2 Journal Club

Fazle Rabbi

Sangdoo Kim, Hyunju Kim, Yeong Shin Yim, Soyoung Ha, Koji Atarashi, Tze Guan Tan, Randy S. Longman, Kenya Honda, Dan R. Littman, Gloria B. Choi & Jun R. Huh. Maternal gut bacteria promote neurodevelopmental abnormalities in mouse offspring.  Nature, 2017 Sep 13.
Pubmed ID: 28902840


12: 15 p.m.
Research Seminar

Philip Griebel, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Canada Research Chair, Neonatal Mucosal Immunology
Professor, School of Public Health
University of Saskatchewan

Oral Vaccines: A novel approach to modulate lung inflammation

P Griebel
Oct. 6
10:00 a.m.
M.Sc. Thesis Defence

Nora Choi

Study of iron pathophysiology in a human model for early diagnosis of acute kidney injury secondary to ischemia reperfusion injury following cardiopulmonary bypass


Nora Choi
9 Thanksgiving Day - University Closed  
12 Research Seminar

Lorrie Kirshenbaum, PhD, FISHR, FAHA

- Director, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre
- Principal Investigator, Cardiac Gene Biology, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
- Professor, Department of Physiology & Pathophysiology, University of Manitoba
- Canada Research Chair, Molecular Cardiology, University of Manitoba
- Director of Research Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Cross-Talk between mitochondrial and ER death pathways in the heart

16 Journal Club

Anthony Altieri

Anusha-Preethi Ganesan, James Clarke, Oliver Wood, Eva M Garrido-Martin, Serena J Chee, Toby Mellows, Daniela Samaniego-Castruita, Divya Singh, Grégory Seumois, Aiman Alzetani, Edwin Woo, Peter S Friedmann, Emma V King, Gareth J Thomas, Tilman Sanchez-Elsner, Pandurangan Vijayanand & Christian H Ottensmeier. Tissue-resident memory features are linked to the magnitude of cytotoxic T cell responses in human lung cancer. Nature Immunology 18, 940–950 (2017)

Link to article
19 Research Seminar

Xiaobing Han, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Emergent Biosolutions

Developing monoclonal antibodies for treatment and prevention of clostridium difficile infection

Xiaobing Han
23 Journal Club

Hadeesha Piyadasa

Joshua A Vieth, Joy Das, Fanomezana M Ranaivoson, Davide Comoletti, Lisa K Denzin, Derek B Sant’Angelo. TCRa-TCRb pairing controls recognition of CD1d and directs the development of adipose NKT cells . Nature Immunology vol. 18, no. 1. January 2017
26 Research Seminar

Kirk McManus, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba
Senior Scientist, Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology, CancerCare Manitoba

Exploring and exploiting chromosome instability to develop precision medicine therapies in cancer
Kirk McManus
30 No Journal Club today  
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2 Research Seminar

Ruey Su, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Public Health Agency Canada
National Laboratory for HIV Immunology

Taking a peek at the cervicovaginal mucosal immune regulation - Correlations & Guesses…

6 Journal Club

Vasudeva Bhat

T. Riffelmacher, A. Clarke, F.C. Richter, A. Stranks, S. Pandey, S. Danielli, P. Hublitz, Z. Yu, E.  Johnson, T. Schwerd, J. McCullagh, H. Uhlig, S. E.W. Jacobsen, and A.K. Simon. Autophagy-Dependent Generation of Free Fatty Acids Is Critical for Normal Neutrophil Differentiation. Immunity 47, 466-480, September 19, 2017.

9 Research Seminar

Francis Lin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Faculty of Science
University of Manitoba

Experiments and modeling of single and collective cell migration

F Lin
13 Remembrance Day - University Closed
16 Research Seminar

David G. Brooks, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Scotiabank Research Chair
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
University Health Network
Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Chronic inflammation and immunosuppression in persistent virus infection and co-infection

D Brooks
20 Journal Club

Kunal Kapoor

B. Machiels, M. Dourcy, X. Xiao, J. Javaux, C. Mesnil, C. Sabatel, D. Desmecht, F. Lallemand, P. Martinive, H. Hammad, M. Guilliams, B. Dewals, A. Vanderplasschen, B.N. Lambrecht, F. Bureau & L. Gillet. A gammaherpesvirus provides protection against allergic athsma by inducing the replacement of resident alveolar macrophages with regulatory monocytes.  Nature Immunology 18, 1310–1320 (2017).
23 Research Seminar

Lyle McKinnon
Department of Medical Microbiology
University of Manitoba

HIV transmission across the mucosa: immunology helping viruses?
27 Journal Club

Rony Thomas

Pfeifle, R. et. al., Regulation of autoantibody activity by the IL-23-Th-17 axis determines the onset of autoimmune disease. Nat Immunol. 2017 Jan;18(1):104-113.
30 Research Seminar

Kelly MacDonald, M.D.

Department of Internal Medicine
Head, Section Adult Infectious Diseases
H.E. Sellers Research Chair in Medicine
University of Manitoba

Harnessing varicella zoster as a mucosal vaccine vector for HIV

K MacDonald 
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4 Journal Club

Nour Eissa

Dror E, Dalmas E, Meier DT, Wueest S, Thévenet J, Thienel C, Timper K, Nordmann TM, Traub S, Schulze F, Item F, Vallois D, Pattou F, Kerr-Conte J, Lavallard V, Berney T, Thorens B, Konrad D, Böni-Schnetzler M, Donath MY. Postprandial macrophage-derived IL-1B stimulates insulin, and both synergistically promote glucose disposal and inflammation. Nat Immunol. 2017 Mar;18(3):283-292. doi: 10.1038/ni.3659. Epub 2017 Jan 16.
7 Research Seminar

Jim Xiang, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist and Professor
Cancer Research, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Division of Oncology, University of Saskatchewan

Differential cell-surface expression of mannose-6-phosphate receptor (M6PR) regulates CD8+ T cell fate via the mTORC1/KIF13A/M6PR axis

J Xiang
11 Journal Club

Abdulaziz Alamri
T Ahrends, A Spanjaard, B Pilzecker, N Ba, A Bovens, Y Xiao, H Jacobs, and J Borst. CD4+ T Cell Help Confers a Cytotoxic T Cell Effector Program Including Coinhibitory Receptor Downregulation and Increased Tissue Invasiveness. Immunity 47, 1–14 November 21, 2017
9:00 a.m. - 12 noon
Ph.D. Thesis Defence (tentative date)

Nour Eissa

Role of chromogranin-A in inflammatory bowel disease: Clinical and experimental approaches


14 Research Seminar

Derek McKay, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology & Pharmacology
Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases
University of Calgary

Parasitic helminths and the regulation of disease (Colitis)

D McKay
1:30 p.m.
M.Sc. Thesis Defence

Qian Li

The influence of gut derived antigens and hepatic steatosis-associated fatty acids on chemotaxis, innate immunity and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

18 No Journal Club  
21 No Research Seminar  
  University Closed December 22, 2017 to January 1, 2018 inclusive  
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 4 No Research Seminar today

No Journal Club today.  Instead, we will have Special Presentations for all Immunology students

at NOON (not 11 a.m.!) in the Sehon Seminar Room, 477 Apotex Centre


Leah Deane, MSW, RSW
Student Support Coordinator
Services for Students at Bannatyne Campus

Cyndi S. Kirupakaran Kindret, M.Ed.
Student Counselling Centre

Chuck Crawley
Security Services
Bannatyne Campus

NOTE:  Student attendance will be taken as usual.

 11 No seminar today  
 15 Journal Club

Rahmat Rahman

Yu X, Buttgereit A, Lelios I, Utz SG, Cansever D, Becher B, Greter M. The Cytokine TGF-β Promotes the Development and Homeostasis of Alveolar Macrophages. Immunity. 2017 Nov 21;47(5):903-912.e4. doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2017.10.007. Epub 2017 Nov 7.
 18 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

No seminar
 22 Journal Club

Alen Paiva

Binqing Fu, Yonggang Zhou, Xiang Ni, Xianhong Tong, Xiuxiu Xu, Zhongjun Dong, Rui Sun, Zhigang Tian and Haiming Wei. Natural Killer Cells Promote Fetal Development through the Secretion of Growth-Promoting Factors. Immunity 47, 1100–1113 December 19, 2017.

 25 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Hadeesha Piyadasa

An innate defence regulator peptide alleviates airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness

Kunal Kapoor
Chromofungin decreases intestinal inflammation and regulates dendritic cell markers

 29 Journal Club - CANCELLED  
 31 Ph.D. Thesis Defence

Chukwunonso Onyilagha

Regulation of Immunity to Experimental Trypanosoma congolense Infection: Roles of Regulatory T Cells, Natural Killer Cells and Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells

9:30 - 12:00 noon
Alec Sehon Seminar Room (477 Apotex Centre)
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 1 Research Seminar

Dr. Radhey S. Kaushik

Department of Biology and Microbiology
Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
South Dakota State University

Tropism, Replication and Pathogenesis Studies of Influenza D Viruses

Rahdey Kaushik
 5 Journal Club

Xun Wu

Christ A, Günther P, Lauterbach MAR, Duewell P, Biswas D, Pelka K, Scholz CJ, Oosting M, Haendler K, Baßler K, Klee K, Schulte-Schrepping J, Ulas T, Moorlag SJCFM, Kumar V, Park MH, Joosten LAB, Groh LA, Riksen NP, Espevik T, Schlitzer A, Li Y, Fitzgerald ML, Netea MG, Schultze JL, Latz E. Western Diet Triggers NLRP3-Dependent Innate Immune Reprogramming. Cell. 2018 Jan 11;172(1-2):162-175.e14. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.12.013.
 8 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Aaron Chanas-LaRue
Antihistamines as lysosome-targeting synergists with kinase inhibitors in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Vasudeva Bhat

Notch-Frizzled signaling regulates luminal cell fate during breast tissue regeneration

NB:Starts at 11:15 a.m. today
Journal Club

Sheena Manghera

Mariño E, Richards JL, McLeod KH, Stanley D, Yap YA, Knight J, McKenzie C, Kranich J, Oliveira AC, Rossello FJ, Krishnamurthy B, Nefzger CM, Macia L, Thorburn A, Baxter AG, Morahan G, Wong LH, Polo JM, Moore RJ, Lockett TJ, Clarke JM, Topping DL, Harrison LC, Mackay CR.  Gut microbial metabolites limit the frequency of autoimmune T cells and protect against type 1 diabetes. Nature Immunology. 2017 May; 18 (5): 552-562. doi: 10.1038/ni.3713. Epub 2017 Mar 27.
 15 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Rahmat Rahman
JLP scaffolding protein is dispensable for NK-cell development

Rashed Rashu
Lung resident memory T cells in Chlamydia infection

 19 Louis Riel Day - University Closed  
 22 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Ashley Ste-Croix

Alen Paiva
Identification and characterization of immune cells in tumour-adjacent breast tissue


11:00 -
Special Research Seminar

Dr. Ranjeny Thomas
Arthritis Queensland Chair of Rheumatology
The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Faculty of Medicine

Antigen-specific immunotherapy for autoimmune disease – are we there yet?
R Thomas
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 1 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Anthony Altieri
Proteomic Profiling of Synergistic Responses Induced by IL-17 and TNF-a in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Abdulaziz Alamri
Delineating role(s) of semaphorin-3E in regulating natural killer-cell functions

 5 Journal Club

Rashed Rashu
 8 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Fola Olayinka-Adefemi
The function of PI3 K delta Enzyme and TAPP adaptor proteins to protective immunity in Trypansoma Congolese infection

 12 Journal Club

Roma Zayats
Jihye Kim et al. Innate-like Cytotoxic Function of Bystander- Activated CD8+ T Cells Is Associated with Liver Injury in Acute Hepatitis A. Immunity.48, 161–173 January 16, 2018 2017 Elsevier Inc.
 15 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Nnamdi Ikeogu
The Role of Semaphorin 3E in cutaneous Leishmaniasis

 19 Journal Club

Ashley Ste-Croix

J. Wang, S. Chen, W. Xiao, W. Li, L. Wang, S. Yang, W. Wang, L. Xu, S. Liao, W. Liu, Y. Wang, N. Liu, J. Zhang, X. Xia, T. Kang, G. Chen, X. Cai, H. Yang, X. Zhang, Y. Lu and P.  Zhou. CAR-T cells targeting CLL-1 as an approach to treat acute myeloid leukemia. Journal of Hematology & Oncology (2018) 11:7 DOI 10.1186/s13045-017-0553-5

Ph.D. Thesis Defence

M. Fazle Rabbi

Catestatin (CTS) decreases intestinal inflammation in both acute and
chronic models of murine colitis through the regulation of macrophages
and/or gut microbiota

9:00 a.m. - 12 noon
Schwarz Lecture Theatre, D25 Dentistry Bldg.
 22 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Amena Aktar
The role of PlexinD1 KO lung macrophage in allergic asthma model

Romaniya Zayats
Cellular Dynamics of Immune Evasion During Leishmania major infection

 26 Journal Club

Aaron Chanas-Larue

C.Garber, M.J. Vasek, L.L. Vollmer, T. Sun, X. Jiang and R.S. Klein. Astrocytes decrease adult neurogenesis during virus-induced memory dysfunction via IL-1 Nature Immunology. Vol. 19, February 2018, pgs. 151–161
 29 Post Doctoral Research Seminar

Dr. Edgard Mejia

Regulation of Glucose Metabolism in B lymphocytes by the PI3K Pathway

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 2 Journal Club

Aida Barazandeh

K. Man, S.S. Gabriel, Y. Liao, R. Gloury, S. Preston, D.C. Henstridge, M. Pellegrini, D. Zehn, F. Berberich-Siebelt, M.A. Febbraio, W. Shi, and A. Kallies. Transcription Factor IRF4 Promotes CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion and Limits the Development of Memorylike T Cells during Chronic Infection. Immunity 47, 1129–1141 December 19, 2017
 5 Research Seminar

Prof. Faith Osier
Kenya Medical Research Institute, Centre of Geographical Medicine Research, Coast, Kilifi, Kenya
Centre for Infectious Diseases, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Pwani University, Kenya

People versus parasites: Learning to win against plasmodium falciparum
F Osier
 9 Journal Club


 12 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Atta Yazdanpanah
Understanding the role of neutrophils in female genital tract epithelial barrier remodeling and HIV susceptibility

Aida Barazandeh

The critical role of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK) in immunopathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis

 16 Journal Club

Folayemi Olayinka-Adefemi

N. Andreas, M. Riemann, C.N. Castro, M. Groth, I. Koliesnik, C. Engelmann, T. Sparwasser, T. Kamradt, R. Haenold, F. Weih. A new RelB‐dependent CD117+CD172a+ murine DC subset preferentially induces Th2 differentiation and supports airway hyperresponses in vivo . European Journal of Immunology. First published: 6 April 2018

 19 Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Rony Thomas
Semaphorin 3E in host defense against chlamydial infection

Xun Wu
The Role of CD4+ CXCR5+ Follicular Helper T cell in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

 23 Journal Club

Nnamdi Ikeogu

I. Sagiv-Barfi, D.K. Czerwinski, S. Levy, I.S. Alam, A.T. Mayer, S.S. Gambhir, R. Levy. Eradication of spontaneous malignancy by local immunotherapy. Sci. Transl. Med. Vol. 10,31 January 2018
12 noon
Distinguished Immunologist Lecture

Eleanor N. Fish, PhD, FAAS
Canada Research Chair in Women's Health & Immunobiology,
Senior Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute,
University Health Network,
Professor, Department of Immunology, University of Toronto

Global outbreaks: interferons as first responders

E Fish
 26 Post Doctoral Research Seminar

Dr. Ahmed Ali

 30 Journal Club

Madher Teffera

A.M. Anderson, M. Baranowska-Hustad, R. Braathen, G. Godeland. and B. Bogen. Simultaneous Targeting of Multiple Hemagglutinins to APCs for Induction of Broad Immunity against Influenza. J Immunol. 200 (6): 2057-2066. March 15, 2018. DOI:

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Post Doctoral Research Seminar

Dr. Ifeoma Okwor

 7 Journal Club 


12:30 p.m.
Annual Graduate Student Research Seminar

Mahder Teffera
Capripox studies: Proof of principle and validation of DIVA vaccine and a diagnostic assay
 14 Journal Club

Amena Aktar

K.Beura, S. Wijeyesinghe, E.A.Thompson, M.G.Macchietto, P.C. Rosato, M.J. Pierson, J.M.Schenkel, J.S. Mitchell, V. Vezys, B.T.Fife, S. Shen, D. Masopust. T Cells in Nonlymphoid Tissues Give Rise to Lymph-Node-Resident Memory T Cells.  Immunity.  48, 327-338, February 20, 2018.
 17 Forough Khadem (B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD.)
Business Development Specialist
Mitacs and WCIO (Western Canadian Innovation Offices
University of Manitoba TTO)

Mitacs funding and training opportunities

Why you might want to attend the info session:
  • Are you a student who would like to travel abroad to conduct part of your research, or are you a Prof who would like to start collaborations with a colleague internationally? Come along and hear about the changes to the Mitacs GRA program!
  • Do you want to work with international industry partners? Come and find out about our New program “Accelerate International”
  • Are you a Prof who is interested in having a free international summer student for next year? Find out how to apply to the Mitacs GRI program
  • Are you a student who would like to work on your professional development skills? Come and hear about the Mitacs training program.
  • Do you want to hear about previous Mitacs success stories? Stop by!
 21 Victoria Day - University Closed  
 24 Post Doctoral Research Seminar

Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Journal Club

Atta Yazdanpanah
Citation: Burrack, K.S., M.A. Huggins, E. Taras, P. Dougherty, C.M. Henzler, R. Yang, S. Alter, E.K. Jeng, H.C. Wong, M. Felices, F. Cichocki, J.S. Miller, G.T. Hart, A.J. Johnson, S.C. Jameson, and S.E. Hamilton. Interleukin-15 Complex Treatment Protects Mice from Cerebral Malaria by Inducing Interleukin-10-Producing Natural Killer Cells. Immunity 48, no. 4 (April 17, 2018).

followed at 12 noon by a

CHRIM - Biology of Breathing presentation

Phil Hansbro, PhD
Professor, NHMRC Fellow and Brawn Fellow
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
University of Newcastle, Australia

Understanding pathogenesis to develop new therapies from chronic respiratory diseases

 31 Post Doctoral Research Seminar

Dr. Wan Koh

The role of migratory dendritic cells in spreading HIV during mucosal transmission
 7 Special Safety Seminar

Vanessa I. Pinto BSc, MSc
Biological Safety Specialist
Environmental Health and Safety
University of Manitoba

Safety’s Little Shop of Horrors

A presentation on how lab safety incidents happen and why it’s important to report them

NOTE: Attendance is compulsory for all technicians, post docs, research associates, grad students, visiting researchers and visiting/summer students
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