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Mouse Vasectomy
Vasectomies are performed on male mice to produce sterile males.

• Breeding with female mice to generate pseudopregnant females

Facility Commitment
We will perform the surgery and test the fertility of the male before providing it to the investigator. The vas deferens is then cut or cauterized such that reconnection is unlikely. Following surgery, males should be allowed a recovery period of 2 weeks, during which the surgical clips are removed. Vasectomized males are then test mated with two females to confirm the success of the vasectomy. Pregnancy is normally apparent within 2 weeks, and if not visible after this time, the male is considered suitable for use. The Facility will perform the surgery, but the costs of the two female mice for breeding, and the boarding costs of the male and female mice are the responsibility of the investigator.

The Investigator Must Supply
• The male mouse that they wish to have vasectomized.
• Two female mice for test breeding

$40.00 plus boarding fees for male and female mice

• None

Enquiries and requests for services should be made though our on-line Requisiton of Services