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PET Instrumentation
PET images are acquired on a CTI-Concorde Microsystems (now Siemens Preclinical Solutions) PET imaging system equiped with 168 detector modules arranged as 4 rings of 42 modules. Each detector module is an 8 × 8 crystal array, with a total of 10,752 crystals in the detection system.  The detctors are arranged in a 26.1 cm diameter ring, with a clear gantry aperture of 22 cm. The axial and transaxial fields of view are 7.8cm and 19.0 cm respectively.  Resolution at the centre of the field of view is approximately 2mm, and 3.2 mm 5 cm from the centre of the field of view.

Imaged can be acquired from animals ranging in size from mice to woodchucks.


  • Non-invasive imaging of animal models of human disease
  • Non-invasive imaging of genetically engineered animals
  • Assess efficacy, phramacokinetcs and biodistribution of novel pharmacological agents 
  • Assess novel drug delivery and gene therapy approaches
  • Develop new radiotracers for diagnostic imaging